A log of threads that will disappear

Is anyone keeping an audit? File it in a briefcase of lost DiS history?

Will the between days produce a DiSism with no log?

Any discussion started since about 10am yesterday may be lost when we move everything to the new server.

We could put the server in read only mode but I’m embracing the Snapchat self destruct of posts for now. (Even if one person on the music boards is already mardy with me for it)

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I fear that a lot of people here aren’t aware of the exact point where the backup started and the fact that so many threads and posts are going to suddenly disappear after the migration happens.

I think that when they suddenly realise that things they and others have posted earnestly have been deleted, they won’t be happy. It’s one thing for those of us who’ve seen the messages and realised what state these boards are in right now, but I think it’s easy enough to miss.

Hell, even @1101010 missed it at first, and they usually pick up on everything.

Meta discussions about the boards have a tendency to escalate, and I fear that’s what we’re in for once this is all over.

This is The Ultimate TST



Lol do you mean me? I’m not ‘mardy’ I just think it’s a bit weird and quite telling that you leapt at the chance to start a bunch of negative music threads once you thought there’d be no pushback. Anyway, I’m not interested in yet another big DiS existential crisis or anything so I’m out.

Tbf to Sean I think it took about 30 seconds from the announcement being made to a load of people suggesting this was the chance to shit post to your heart’s content for a few days.


It took us a bit by surprise that Discourse just started doing it for us but once it had started it kinda needed to go as it’s still going.

We have until the end of the month before we’re meant to close this all down else it’ll cost me £600+ for a month.

I’ve started a few threads like this that are intended to be light hearted to try ensure people are aware.

Yeah and that was really fucking annoying too tbf. Don’t think my heart’s in it anymore tbh, was hoping to quietly bow out during the move if we had to re-sign up but that’s not the case now.

Dunno, I usually miss everything these days :smiley:

Anyway, burn 'em all to the ground, it’s still cool. I quite like the idea of us being unsure if someone is reposting a Shitpost or it’s one of the lost sheep. Ha.

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It’s not so much shitposting so much as a few threads where people could have fun criticising bands for being samey. Over the years I’ve tried to be more positive about music and save my criticism for the industry and rest of the world. There’s too much music to really spend time grumbling about the stuff I find bland etc.

I stopped posting on here because whenever I do there’s a weird kickback and I thought maybe I’d try joining in for a few days whilst monitoring the transition.

Yeah, I got the impression it was a bit of a surprise, your post saying it had started came pretty suddenly after the fact that it was mentioned that was the plan.

I don’t think anyone has a problem with what’s happening, and I genuinely think the users who’ve been involved in this process cannot get enough praise for what they’re doing, I think the fallout will come from the fact that it’s easy to have not picked up on the implications of what’s going on at the moment. Just to be clear, I’m just predicting what may come next, not what I want to happen.

I see multiple posts over the last day that suggest that the users who posted them think they will be there afterwards, and I probably don’t pay enough attention to what’s going on to have realised they’ll be gone soon.

I hope I’m wrong, and that everyone is aware, but I’d have probably put the boards into read-only mode while it was happening to make it 100% clear.

please do not do this.


To clarify, to do the full back up, we can’t do it ourselves, and have to ask the people from Discourse to run the full site back up of all the images (we can only do it for the posts but not the pictures)

We could have done read-only mode but my assumption is users would be more annoying about a few days of no DiS than losing a day or two of posts? Maybe I’m wrong (no! It’s the kids who are wrong.jpg)

It’s a lot of data:

That was weird. My post and a bunch of others just disappeared so maybe the backup is doing odd stuff.

EDIT: and they’re back.

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I feel like you’re trying to prove to me why it was done this way, or why it takes so long, both things I think are clear and that everyone here would be in favour of.

Maybe! I genuinely hope so, and I hope that I’m 100% wrong with this prediction and everyone is completely aware.

Also there’s about 350 people on here most days and the threads were pinned at the top of the two main forums - I’d hope most people who were active yesterday were aware it was occurring but not when it was starting as it took us by surprise.

Think things are a bit slow whilst the back up churns away.

My threads might technically disappear, but they’ll never leave the hearts and minds of my fans.


Nuking an account, then taking a few months off and coming back if / when you’re ready is quite refreshing.


Going to do a limited cassette release of the threads created over next few days