A love letter to your favourite venue #1 RAMSGATE MUSIC HALL

Anyone else been? Hard for me to overstate what a difference this place has made to my life in the last year or so since discovering its existence. From where I am in North Kent getting to decent gigs normally means either long expensive train journeys into London or an hour and a half mission in the car to Brighton but we now have a beacon of awesomeness right on the coast. In the last year I’ve seen:

Kaitlyn Aurelia Smith
Kristin Hersh
Teeth of the Sea

and missed many other acts that I couldn’t make (can’t make Honeyblood or Open Mike Eagle which are both coming up). Still buzzing about Daughters last month: the venue is pretty damn small and to be that close to the performers and the carnage was intense.

They have decent beer on tap; they have (and enforce) a ‘no idiots talking during the acts’ policy; they’re not super expensive. It’s a brilliant venue and I love it.

Not sure how much RMH chat there will be on here but maybe use this thread to tell us about your favourite venue if you want?

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That sounds class, but annoying that Ramsgate get Protomartyr and Daughters. Neither of them bothered with anywhere in the Midlands, so would’ve had to go to Leeds for both and it would’ve meant missing the last train and booking a hotel, which I couldn’t really afford.

Yeah that must be really annoying. I think that maybe a lot of the bands who are a bit ‘big’ to be playing Ramsgate are probably using it as a warm up venue before playing their London dates? Must be handy as a stop over from the European leg of a tour to London as well I suppose.

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