A lovely light hearted thread about toast


Hey friends
What’re you toasting atm?? Personally I love a cheap white loaf for just butter, but brown for more exotic toppings. Got right into almond butter at the moment, could be a contender to be a new fav over peany b.

Brown for main, white for pudding, etc etc etc



Seedy bread. Crunchy whole earth peanut butter on one slice, wilkin & sons black cherry jam on t’other. Thanks

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Danish white using my life hack. Lotus spread.

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BLACK CHERRY. That screams class. Thank you for your contribution!


The last thing I toasted was some crumpets at the weekend

I topped them with marmite peanut butter

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Warburtons toastie thick cut anchor salted - preferably the outsiders


Recent convert but think it’s my new favourite jam. Not tooooo sweet and cherries are bloody great

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all right, Des’ree

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Marmite peanut butter what?!


think i’m gonna get a new toaster so i can do this


Hello Kermy.

I am currently in love with the multiseed tin loaf from Percy Ingle in thick sliced mode. I toast it on number four and apply Anchor spreadable (salted) and Marmite. It is a dream that I look forward to every weekend.

My love for this bread is causing me to overlook the enormous amount of artisan, freshly baked sourdough and the like that my new area is absolutely overflowing with. I feel a small sense of pride however as I stroll past the market stalls and small, independent bakeries of a Saturday morning to visit my beloved Percy Ingle and pick up my loaf for the weekend.


This week: Flour Power City White Cottage Tin

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  • Aga (Tory)

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brown bread with butter and peanut butter (crunchy, non organic). white bread with butter and marmite.
that’s my dream lineup but i never have more than 1 loaf of bread at a time so white for both

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Depends. Sliced bread in the toaster, if I get a loaf I’ll slice it thicker and put it under the grill


Lovely post, antpoc. Thank you :slight_smile:

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crumpets with loads of butter are great aren’t they. not something you think about much but when you have one it’s like damn, this is good stuff


It’s this. It’s a lot tastier than it deserves to be, in all honesty (and that’s coming from a peanut butter and marmite fan)

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As always: not really into toast. Don’t have a toaster.