A massive bee keeps flying into the window next to my desk

Every 20 mins or so since mid morning. Just sitting here typing away and then “thud”, look up and see massive bee flying away again. Is it trying to tell me something? Is it going off for a massive run up each time to see if it can break through? How many attempts will it take?

Do you have a plant on your windowledge? They sometimes get confused.

Or maybe he just wants to impress you with his rebound skills

I am wearing a bright yellow jumper

Probably fancies you. Cute!


Well then Dressed like a daffodil

I just realised my child’s school are doing a “Bee Day” today, they’ve all gone in dressed as bees. Hmm

(ffs, by the way)

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V cute imo but apparently it’s not world bee day until tomorrow so the school are FOOLS

Are you sure it isn’t just a small window?

Imagine the queue if there was a world bidet

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Tell it to CUNT off!!!


It’ll be testing the window systematically for weaknesses

bee testing

i don’t follow you.
i kow exactly how big the window is it’s right there ---->

edit oh you mean re “massive bee” haha that’s a good one pal

edit 2 yeah I’m sure

Yeah, it was a kind of context gag I suppose

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