A memory task

Can you remember everything that you have put on another thing for the entirety of the day so far.

Format should be as follows:

Rough time - Object placed on: Object/Place


0821 - Electric toothbrush placed on: Bathroom mirror shelf

Have fun!

What was the question again?


probably not, no

As in, are you any good at remembering where you last left something? If so, yes.

Yeah, if I think about it hard enough I can remember.
Does that answer your question or do you need to see my workings?

No, this is supposed to be a fun thread where people list everything that they can remember that they’ve put on something but people are, at the moment at least, just saying stuff like “no” or “no I can’t do this” which seems a bit negative to me.

Need to see the list please

Send a Freedom of Information Request to my secretary, thanks.

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I went to the shop to get coffee and got a bag of crisps instead because when i got to the shop i couldn’t remember what i had gone for

How were the crisps?

They were hulahoop flava rings spicy flavour. Bit of a cheek really. There flaming hot monster munch without the arms and legs

Phone on wireless charger


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They sound good IMO.

Yeah obviously but if i wanted monster munch i’d have got monster munch calling them hula hoops is a lie.

It was also a big bag so it contained 48% of my daily fat intake and 36% of my daily salt content



I will buy them if and when I see them. Where did you purchase them from please?

T’asda £1

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What’s the first thing you put on every morning?
Your feet, on the floor

It’s dangerous to make assumptions