A message from the moderating team


He’s one of the three admins (alongside WR and sean)



I only have admin powers because of badges, for the record.


Too late :confused:


Can i just claim I’ve been doing hidden regular duties and never ever been noticed, so you’re betyer off with me as a regular



Can I suggest that you also note in your first or second post that the easiest way of notifying you guys is either to flag the relevant post or use the @ moderators tag?


Oh also if anyone forgets who the moderators are, click @moderators to see. Also if anyone has a request they feel that only one person needs to see because its too important or too frivolous, or doesnt want the whole group to see, pls feel free to message me directly, happy to help. Im sure the others are too but i dont want to volunteer people :sweat_smile:


He was showing off about his fans earlier. He’s changed


Message received.


Still trying to get back into the Lounge :frowning:


I do like being a regular (I move threads into the Classifieds and edit thread titles for people) but if that has to stop then that’s okay.


As i said yesterday, there were a couple of occasions where I’ve moved personal details from view while waiting for a stronger response. I’m fine if the decision is to remove regular powers too, but we’re useful if wanted.


He’s got no fans
He’s got no ground


We can do that?!? It is handy having those privileges and I’m very careful about how I use them.


Moving things to the lounge while awaiting mod adjudication


Ohhh, I never thought of that!


I only needed to do it a couple of times and not for ages but yeah, it has had it’s worth.


I bow only to the authority of @discobot

Show me the way @discobot


:left_speech_bubble: Your worst enemy cannot harm you as much as your own unguarded thoughts. — Buddha


What if he has access to nukes


Hi! To find out what I can do, say @discobot display help.