A message from the moderating team


Hey hey cool it

I know when to back down from a conflict


But seriously

To reiterate

<3 mods 5eva


“Zero sum game my arse, I’ll see you all in hell”



I suppose what I’m saying here is that everyone should be accountable to the mod and admins, but there are functions of the superusers which help take the pressure off the moderators, so long as those users don’t perform actions without authorisation.

Fuck me I’m dull.


No youre not


That site is the Internet’s greatest miracle.


Can’t believe I’ve had my leader status removed. I had big plans for my stealth edit powers. Huge plans. I was waiting. Biding my time. Planning an edit so massive, so powerful, it would have ended several posting careers and changed the face of the boards forever. Taking someone’s own post and using it against them in a way so devious, so cunning, none could have withstood its devastation.

And just like that, it’s gone.

You’ve made a powerful enemy today, @moderators. Slightly less powerful that yesterday, granted.


Do you want one of the moderators to correct that typo in the last sentence?


You have no idea the escape you’ve had.


I do feel like the dog in the manger right now.


I am still unclear if there are any lingering issues people have from the last few days. I am asleep when you’re awake and vice versa and it’s pretty tough to go through these threads.

If anyone wishes to get anything else off their chests regarding this please feel free to reply here or message me.

Really not up for comedy responses, thanks.

I am sorry for how I’ve handled this. I clearly didn’t understand enough of what people were upset about before replying in the unlisted thread, so if something else needs clearing up just say.

Apologies for using ‘FFS’ in a reply but I was very tired and struggling to try to respond to what were a lot of questions about something that seemed entirely innocuous and not very important the question of unlisting threads from my position. I realise now that it looked differently to the users. Sorry.

Note: I absolutely stand by my view on the read receipts thread, I’m afraid. Not great, with lots of beef and nastiness and in no way a loss by being locked.


I’m sorry it got a bit arguey too today. You do a great, mostly thankless job pal and the odd mistake or error of judgment is infinitely forgivable. I have absolutely no desire to go over the whole thing again, or discuss it anymore in future. I’m happy to let it lie (my issues/part in it at any rate) and to be honest, wouldn’t have any objections to today’s thread being binned as well. Sorry again Theo.


Thank you Marty that means a lot.

I don’t know much is gained by binning the thread at this point in any case so it should probably just be let lie, yeah.


i would be a great mod


hey just a question, will I eventually get a longer timeframe to edit my posts once i reach a certain post count/badge etc.?? i think the edit button disappears after a couple minutes and i make a lot of typos :dizzy_face: but it aint a big deal if not


Nope, but you can always ask us mods to edit if needed :blush:


ahhh brill, thank you!! :grin:

pinned globally #58


Edit THIS, wankers :fu:


Well done to Mods, you awesome GBOL.

(No idea what’s been going on)