A message from your mods (and a more personal note from Zeal)

Hi all,

As some of you will be aware, there was a spat on the social board on Wednesday in which @colinzealuk stepped in. As a result Meowington and DawinBabe have both chosen to leave the boards for the time being. While not talking about specifics regarding that thread, as a team we want to publicly reaffirm some values that we aim to apply to the boards.

  • This board aims to be socially liberal and inclusive. This means where we see it we will come down hard on racism, sexism, homophobia and other -isms where we see them.
  • We aim to be an open and welcoming board in regards to Mental Health and Neuro-Diversity. While we don’t expect everyone to know what is going on in the specific threads we do expect you to be aware of Mental Health issues in general and if someone says that a particular discussion is causing them distress to take it at face value and step back.
  • These boards are overwhelmingly left wing and socially-liberal. However, this does not mean there isn’t room for political discussion with those who have different values. Where you engage in a debate or argument try to avoid ad-homium attacks - in other words debate the point, not the individual.

While the first two points are absolutes, there is obviously room for manoeuvre on the latter… we don’t intend to clam down on things heavily.

Where you see a post that you think doesn’t meet these values or needs dealing with in another way, please use the flag feature or @moderators and one of us will handle it as soon as possible - often within a few minutes. By all means call out unacceptable behaviour publicly, but try not to inflame things if possible.

On a personal note, I want to reiterate some things I said to DB and Meo privately over the last 48 hours or so. While I stand by the substance of what I did in moderating yesterday’s blow up, I got a few things wrong.

  • In my intent to calm things down I implied that Meo had a point in suggesting that DB was invoking Mental Health disingenuously instead of - as I meant - that I took her initial point about ad-homium attacks. It shouldn’t have been part of that post at all.
  • I also in my aim to de-escalate chose softer words than I should as regards the mental health aspect. What I said minimised that aspect and although it had the desired effect (Meowington said to me minutes later that she realised immediately that she’d been completely out of order). It didn’t meet the values above and I’ve apologised to DB for that.
  • I also said that Meo had chosen to take time off voluntarily. This is completely true. What I didn’t say was that had she not done so she would have had a temporary ban for what she said around the mental health aspect. Some people said to me that they felt it sent out the wrong message and I agree.

Apologies for the somewhat lengthy post, but as a group us mods wanted to take the opportunity to reaffirm how we intend to moderate and I personally felt I owed DB the public apology for not standing up as strongly as I should have done while moderating.

Comments, questions etc are welcome, but please keep them polite and try to keep them at a meta level rather than retreading the original argument. Many thanks.

Your mods (and Zeal)


Completely missed all this. I love DB and Meo though and hope that they are both ok and that they find the desire to come back eventually because this place is much, MUCH better and richer for having them around.


Different and, in many ways, similar.

Love them both and hope they aren’t away too long.

I didn’t really catch what was happening, when it happened the other day, but I just want to say that this is a well-judged, honest, clear and frank statement from the moderating team.



Really can’t stand homophobia. Stop the ad homium attacks, people, please!

Fuck off mate


Was really very sad to read that thread.

Gutted DB has deleted herself too.

Can we not ban this dickhead yet ?


Hey TKC,

I’ve already flagged it with the other mods; just waiting for someone else to come online.

Why are people so angry?

Why not do it now?

They are taking the piss out of homophobia and other issues, they have made a post in the World Cup thread that is sexist, they have a known history of being a known, unfunny, edgelord.

(Not having a go at you at all here)


I simply said women weren’t as good at football as men. How is that sexist? It’s provably, obviously true.

Just fuck off now, yeah?


You know what you’re doing, just have a word with yourself

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There’s the anger again. Why not try dialogue?

Ok. Please would you fuck off, you boring fuck.

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You seem like an unpleasant person. Try coming out of your bubble and reaching out to people.

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So what is your issue with anything I’ve said?