A mouse is trapped in my kitchen. What do I do?

I don’t want a pet, and I don’t want to kill it.

There is no garden to throw it in - we’re on the second floor of a block.

Come and trap mine please!!!

But take it as far from your flat as you can, or it’ll return. Just in a bush or something will do.


Gain its trust, learn its secrets.


(How did you manage this please, mind has eaten all the food I’ve put out to try and keep it but not even close to getting. Have been face to face with it, like 15cm away and still couldn’t get it)

We had loads of mice a few years ago. We just took them outside and released them near an allotment - we thought they’d have a nice life there


I’ve caught plenty of mice that the cat brings in and gets bored of.

Can you slide some card underneath? Hold it and carry downstairs?

Take a photo and post it on the internet


How the hell are you all seasoned mice catchers?

I will employ any of you

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It’s probably going to struggle to escape in a plastic box with all those books on top.


Did they forget they were being filmed?

Do I look like some kind of George Galloway expert to you pal

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Just to advise, if you put them in your garden they will likely get back in

I watched this at the time!
Vague memories of watching in absolute wtf mode.

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P sure there’s a song about this full of advice for you


Happy to trap yours.

I used to live in a house in Hull which was completely infested. Would hear them fighting in the floorboards. Go into the kitchen and you would see 5 of them, not even running away, not scared. One chewed through our electricity cable, died, and caused a power cut.

the first draft of UB40’s lyric was almost there but needed more fine-tuning

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I snuck up on it, very quietly, and slowly placed the tupperware on it.

Did try and lure it out with a bit of chocolate. The little fella is having a nibble on it now, bless.

how could they cut the power man, they’re animals!

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I cooould get a card underneath and carry the lil guy out. But outside is all street. Hmm. I’m walking distance of Kings Cross. Could try and get it as far as one of the McDonalds and throw it inside?