a music pun challenge for you

on boxing day we normally go to my aunt’s house and she’s in charge of the music session, one of the things she normally performs is her re-written version of There’ll Always Be An England. This is because her family’s last name rhymes with England. Her name rhymes with Bingham, so the words are “There’ll always be a Bingham” etc.

anyway, this year the boxing day gathering is being hosted by my parents, so I’m thinking I might try and rewrite a well known tune to be about my family

my last name rhymes with jerks so if you can think of a well known (and easy to sing) song that could be adapted to be about eg. the jerks family please pun below

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Can’t stop laughing at this, sorry mate.


it’s undeniably funny, I just wish I could remember the words

think I might have cracked it

to the tune of While Shepherds Watched Their Flocks By Night

When all the Jerks went to the pub
for one pint maybe more
we all just had a lovely time
but dad was asleep by four

thanks for your assistance, hope you all have a lovely xmas

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Wiggy and The Jerks

Bennie And The Jets (Remastered 2014) - YouTube


Jerking 9 to 5
What a way to be a Wiggy


Who let the (Your surname) out? Who who who who

I started a jerk
Started the whole world laughing

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Happy birthday to you,
Happy birthday to you,
Happy birthday to the Jerks Family,
Happy birthday to you.


while I would hate this, I reckon all the kids would bloody love it

what about subbing it in to the chorus of “Work” by Rihanna? would that , er, work? you could just ad-lib the rest of the lyrics…

Jerks always be an England

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everybody jerks?

Are you sure you’ve given yourself enough time to work on this?


Jerk, jerk, jerk, jerk, jerk, jerk
He said me haffi jerk, jerk, jerk, jerk, jerk, jerk


got an email from my mum today saying she’d drafted the invite

I’d already been practising playing some xmas songs

turns out that some of them are much more interesting than you might think in terms of how they use chords

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what a way to find out I’ve been blocked by Tuna (and Ruffers) :frowning:

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this is truly the worst July Christmas thread ever

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