A new board for musicians?

Feel like this might make sense. Perhaps more so for new users as much as existing ones?

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  • Good idea :+1:
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Can you give some examples of existing threads that would be on this board? I don’t think I understand what it’d be for.


That’s the thing, I don’t think there are many apart from stuff like the song challenges

There was a fair bit of insight from self releasing acts in recent threads

Most of my biggest tweets (including a thread with advice that did 1m views) are usually things musicians and other “content creators” find useful

Got me wondering whether it would be good to create a space that’s less like the old “your music” link sharing and the band members wanted on the classifieds forum

There are 1000s of acts self-releasing each week and touring and trying to make sense of everything.

Yeah, that’s true, might be a nice way to flag it all.

The sub-boards don’t effect me in any way since I always just filter chronologically across anything anyway, but if others think this is a good idea then go for it!


There’s a lot of traffic on these forums nowadays (up from 2 million pageviews a month before the pandemic) and just trying to make them more manageable

Some of the other sub forums have worked well and made the conversation a bit more manageable in my opinion but it’s notable we only have one big ol’ music forum

The fact that the gear wanker thread has 7400 posts in it is probably evidence enough in itself that a musicians sub forum would have legs


People who did the shrug vote, any concerns or ideas or just not bothered?

Yeah me too

Sorry to be a stuck in the mud but I’d rather the gear wanker thread and “getting better at performing” threads (I started the latter thread if that counts for anything) stay where they are

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I like the idea. The Gear Wanker thread seems more geared (hahahahahaha) toward buying stuff than making or recording or playing or writing. Having a forum for ‘recommend a used bass cab’, ‘where to play in Preston’, ‘why do my fingers cry when I make a F?’ Etc would be great IMO.

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Cursed ratio!

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Yeah, I’m a bit two-minded

On the one hand I don’t have a problem with either thread being where they are and this being the continued norm

On the other hand, if I was new here I don’t think there’s any way I’d open a thread that was already 7000+ posts deep

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I personally think the decision to create more categories a while back has made the boards too fragmented without achieving the desired results, and it’s now harder for me to engage with threads that I might like. I’m therefore mildly opposed to any continual further fragmentation, rather than to this one specifically.


I've said it before, and I'll say it again. Democracy simply doesn't work : r/TheSimpsons

Quite the swing in the polls from earlier when it was about 2 to 1.
All the sock puppet accounts out for the anonymous polls :laughing:


It’s interesting because as a less regular user, I’ve found the forums much more digestible. The social boards are so fast moving that it’s impossible to keep up and some of the big topics like politics now get a lot more discussion

A lot of ”super-users” just read all the latest posts across all boards (easy setting to change)

do they? feels like theres less politics chat on here than there was a couple of years ago to me. understandable tbf


As a relatively newish user, it doesn’t seem like there’s much musician talk on DiS at all, other than on the thread about buying stuff. If there is currently musician talk then I’m not seeing it which sort of shows that maybe it would be better with a dedicated thread, doesn’t it? To make it more visable/accessible I mean.

We have this one, it’s not super busy but pops back to life now and then


Could we also have one for drummers?

this is a joke. I am a drummer.