A new board for musicians?

I’m sorry

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I think this was one of the points originally wasn’t it? We wanted to be more welcoming to new users even if it had slight downsides for the regulars

there was a point pre-pandemic where politics was mad interesting cos brexit was causing all kind of stuff to happen and an election seemed possible

wheras now politics is pretty much just “the tories are doing bad things again with their huge majority”

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yeah i think it’s understandable tbf

not as sorry as my neighbours are


Because the guitar was designed by a sadist.

I often play barre chords with my thumb when my fingers are crying.


More decisive response on Twitter



Not quite as cursed as if it had been 52 / 48 though!


I don’t have a view about whether or not a new board is a good idea. If there is to be one I wonder if it might appeal to a wider range of people if it was a board about making music rather than a board for musicians.

I’m a long way from being a musician but sometimes like to attempt playing/creating stuff, and enjoy reading about others who do so (e.g. the ‘Getting better at…’ thread linked above).

Not a big deal as I’ll still be able to easily find those threads if they remain on the Social board as more of a hobby/interest but worth thinking about if a new board is being set up maybe.


Never been a huge fan of the categories but no problem at all with them if they make the site more accessible and like a lot of others I just sort the whole site by “Latest” anyway so doesn’t affect me at all. However I agree that the chat about instruments and music making does seem to be contained in big, unwieldly threads - splitting them up might be a good idea!


Guess what I’m thinking is if you say “this space is for this purpose” then people will use it as such. Like a town hall is just a space that could used for many things but if you add a stage and a PA, it’s all set to blow the roof off™️


Yeah I noticed a good few more “What do do in (place)” threads after the “DiS Travel Guide” category was created (and started a few of them myself hehe) so yes yes good idea I think


That’s my hope too

Given how close the vote is and no one has hard argued no, seems like it’s worth us trying this and then taking a view after a month or two.


Strong vote ‘for’ here

Categories! Tags! It’s all good. Recent developments with this front on DiS have been a vast improvement on a number of levels.

Trivially easy for an individual user to choose an option or change settings to override categorisation and have one single updating stream of threads.

Impossible for anyone to impose order on a single updating stream of threads. And can be quite stressful to have to wrestle with unordered/unsorted data. Much more user friendly to have stuff in a format that’s properly browsable, and to be able to avoid chunks of #content that are of no interest whatsoever.

Taxonomy 4 lyf.


Man I wish you’d been PM a few years ago :wink: :+1:


Brexit shoulda been two rounds

  1. shall we stay or should we go
  2. ok, we’re going: do you want this deal or this deal (if turnout is under 20% we stay in)

The world could never handle such logic and fairness

The problem was, no one really believed there was the appetite to leave.

70% no woulda been a confirmation not to try it.

One thing I would like is somewhere where you could post things you were working on for constructive criticism and help, like to get another set of ears on things. I’m very much a hobbyist but I like making music, but I know I’ve got massive gaps in my abilities particularly when it comes to stuff like mixing. I don’t really have anyone I can show stuff to to ask ‘Hey, what do you think would make this better?’ and I think that would be really valuable as there’s so many hyper-talented people on here who could offer advice that would break a few blocks, certainly for me.


Is this happening?

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Yeah, sorry, had a few personal things get in the way. Will aim to get this live this week.