A New Nightmare - The Rolling Horror Thread 2016 Reborn


What's it about?


Without wanting to give too much away, it's set in the same world as Black Tapes but more focused on hacking/internet conspiracy ideas.


Does Alex Regan do it?


It's the mirror image of Black Tapes, so Nic Silver is the lead with Alex Regan as a supporting player.

I do love Alex Regan's dulcet tones...


Yeah, Alex's charm is one of the main reasons I keep tuning in, but Nic is pretty likeable too, so I might have to check this out. These guys keep themselves busy...


The Pyramid is on Netflix and despite the shit reviews and CGI, I found it quite enjoyable. Quite a novel setting for the trapped ina place theme, and it worked a lot better than something like As Above So Below for me


Sometimes I wonder if you're just trolling. The Pyramid is embarrassing dogshit. To say it's better than As Above, So Below is hardly high praise though is it. Though I quite enjoyed that one.
Proper films meanwhile, watched 'Gozu' one of Takashi Miike's more out there efforts. Lots of breastmilk, which isn't something you can say about a lot of films.



Im not saying its one of the best ive seen but it passed the time fine for me


I watched Lost River over the festive season and found it fairly frustrating. The star names, score and cinematography were all very impressive, but the story and characters were just so thinly drawn that I couldn't make myself care about what happened to anyone in the end. Also, Ryan Gosling is obviously aiming for David Lynch and Winding Refn territory but for me falls miles short and often lapses into borderline parody. 5/10


Heh, your taste seems a bit erratic at times.


Haha do you think? Im always honest in what I think!


Yeah, I can imagine that on any given night, I might have felt quite differently about it too. I think I was just in the mood for something a bit different and this fit the bill. I'd still be interested to see what else Gosling can do...

In other horror news, watched Black Christmas a couple of nights back. I was a latecomer to the joys of this festive slasher but am a total convert now. There's not much in this that doesn't work for me. Olivia Hussey's simply stunning in it and it's got John Saxon too - what else do you need.

Also been making my way through a Ramsey Campbell novel, The Influence. Really enjoying this - about 40 pages from the end and am intrigued to know how it'll finish. He's got a knack for endings that really satisfy, so I'm hoping the same will be true here...

Happy New Year fellow DiS horror-hounds!


and you in turn can come off a bit snobby at times. we're all horror fans, no need to police people's tastes. fwiw i've seen you get effusive about films i thought were woeful.


Taste is very individual. Quite pleased with that snobby slur though, cheers! Interested to know what you thought was woeful, TKC's hatred of Green Room was where I thought he was being erratic, not a film I loved but y'know, compared to The Pyramid...


Southbound is a brilliant film, btw.


we may have discussed it before but We Are Still Here, to choose one example. i rewatched it recently and it's really bad, shame because the lead performance deserved better.

i dunno i think horror is so subjective, sometimes (for me anyway) it's more about how a film makes you feel than how objectively 'good' it is. Inside is a good example - on one level i thought it was idiotic, insulting and made me quite concerned for the people who made it. on another level it got under my skin like few other films, and i've never really shaken the imagery. i'd never recommend it to anyone. horror is the one genre where notions of taste go out the window, really

anyway i haven't even seen that film TKC was talking about so dunno why i'm coming across so irked :


I watched The Pyramid on your recommendation. Pretty shit until the end when it got marginally better.

What didn't you like about As Above So Below? Apart from the terrible ending I really liked it.


Ah, fair enough. I've never watched Inside, because I don't like the idea of it more than anything. Proxy had a similar theme, and I thought that was decent, so I dunno.
Martyrs is amazing, but I'd never tell anyone to watch it...
I've just looked through Mark Kermode's best and worst of the year, predictably highbrow/sensitive faves except 'Under the Shadow' at one and predictably lowbrow/blokey films as the worst. I'm not as snobby as him, but who is?
Still have fond memories of We Are Still Here. They are still here, happy new year.


I just thought it was a bit dull really! I think the descent into hell thing qas done better in the Broadlands. Baskin is on FilmFour next weekend which is apparently a similar theme


I take films at different levels. Like when I saw the Pyramid, I was expecting it to be shit but sometimes you just wanna pass an hour and a bit with something a bit daft. Im in no ways saying its a thinker or even recommend it, but as a low budget, silly piece, I thought it was fine. I also liked the Egyptian God thing as it waa sligbtly different. Whereas the Green Room got a lot of love, directed by a guy off the back of an acclaimed film, good set up and just didnt find it interesting and thought Patrixk Stewart was woeful in it.