A New Nightmare - The Rolling Horror Thread 2016 Reborn


Inaide is alright, bit of a dark subject but the film itself is passable as far as I remember


The Autopsy of Jane Doe is brilliant. Just see it.


This is on my list :+1:


Watched last night, Enemy

I knew the basic premise of this before watching (although it’s also entirely possible that I might have been confusing it with The Double) but the delivery was something of a surprise. At only just over 80 minutes long this is a fairly tense and claustrophobic affair that doesn’t reveal exactly where it’s going until right near the end - with about five minutes left the thinly veiled asked me if I’d got the runtime correct as it didn’t feel anywhere near a conclusion. It is shot in a deliberately oppressive manner with a correspondingly abrasive score. If you’re not a Jake Gyllenhall fan then this might not be for you as there is a lot of him in this film, but he does edgy paranoia very effectively here. The ending was…one of the more unexpected that I have seen. 7/10


Under the Shadow is on Netflix now, incredible film


I liked it a lot, but couldn’t help but find myself comparing it to the Babadook, which I preferred. Probably had lot to do with where I was at when I saw the Babadook, mind. I’m up for revisiting Under the Shadow soon…


Yeah I can see the comparisons. i found Under the Shadow to be a really interesting story in a non hoerror way, and enjoyed the war backdrop too, felt it give it an extra something


Yeah, Babadook, Under the Shadow, Noonday Witch all have that single (pretty much) mother/child combo with some ambiguity regarding what’s actually happening.


Yeah, was pretty enjoyable…wish I saw if at the LFF. It is a bit silly though.


Not a word I expected to find under there! The girlfriend being where she was in the later stages was one of the few things that let it down, but still a 9/10.


Managed to squeeze in the final two episodes of Black Tapes season 1 this weekend. Would have liked some of the stuff to be wrapped up more than it was, but it’s still tons of fun. I just hope they’ve got a long-game planned and that some of the puzzles do get resolved eventually. I think that’s half the problem with stuff like this: it’s relatively easy to set up interesting mysteries, but much harder to resolve them in an interesting way. I know you’ve listened to the second season - am I going to get any answers there?

Also: anyone here read My Best Friend’s Exorcism? Am about 50 pages from the end and it’s pretty fun. A bit YA-ish in places, but it definitely has its moments…


Black Tapes follows an X-Files format where they continue to investigate individual cases but then start to knit them together, all with an over arching story for Alex and Richard. Some stuff does get answered but then there’s always a new twist around the corner.

I’m halfway through the second series of Tanis at the moment and enjoying that very much…


Watched last night, The Autopsy Of Jane Doe

Nicely compact film this, at just 85 minutes and mostly a single setting, this is also played almost exclusively by Brian Cox and Emile Hirsch (although Roose Bolton, that bastard, does have a pleasing cameo) along with the talents of the titular (arf) Ms Doe. The autopsy scenes are authenticly gory and the set up is genuinely creepy and original, in particular one nice use of a specific sound effect. It falls down slightly in the final third where it becomes something of a generic scare fest, but overall thought this was pretty good. 7/10

Also watched last night, The Monster

Having made a big splash with The Strangers, it’s slightly puzzling why Bryan Bertino (writer/director of both that and this) failed to capitalise on its success. Fortunately The Monster is a good addition to his CV, equal parts Dead End and Cujo but with an added interesting mother/daughter dynamic. Although there are some genuine scares here, the whole thing plays like an allegory for the two main characters’ relationship. This is tense and dark and features some nice old school creature design. 7/10


Seconding all those folks who mentioned The Autopsy of Jane Doe, genuinely unsettling stuff plus the fact that I kept expecting her to rise from the table at any moment was in itself incredibly suspenseful.


This: http://www.imdb.com/title/tt0159241/?ref_=fn_al_tt_4 pretty much put me off autopsy-based films for life, but I might have to brave these waters again…


Haven’t done a ‘recently watched’ post for a while. In reverse, starting last night;
Darling. From last year, was recommended somewhere on the internet. I didn’t like it, the music was (intentionally) oppressive to the point where dialogue became inaudible. Black and white, kind of Repulsion style. Too art school for me, which is saying something. 6
Beyond the Gates. Kind of liked the idea of this, two brothers return to their father’s video store to sell up after he goes missing. Babs Crampton and Larry Fessenden gives it retro kudos but it was just a bit too hmm. 7
Ichi the Killer. Don’t tell me this isn’t horror, the hook torture scene and the tongue are two of the most horrific things comitted to film. 8
Gozu. Another Takashi Miike film, well bizarre imagery. Love this stuff. 8.
WAZ. A rewatch. Much darker than I remember, and full of familiar faces. Tom Hardy is in it playing an arsehole very well. Up there with Seven for me. 8
Marebito. Japanese film about a bloke (actually the director of Tetsuo) who finds a woman in tunnels under Tokyo and takes her home. Bad idea seeing as she needs blood to survive. Didn’t love it, still a 7.
Seconds Apart. Two twin brothers, one evil, the other very evil. Fine. 7.
5 is a crap film for me, i’m maybe too generous!


watched The Blob remake (from the 80’s, there’s another one on the cards apparently). really don’t hear about it much but it’s a stunner. surprisingly dark and violent, pretty awesome visual effects, and just generally a well-made film with some really nice touches. also Matt Dillon with a diabolical mullet


The first 45 minutes are as perfect as an horror film I’ve seen, the tension, acting, set up, direction, dread are all spot on. I think that’s why the last half hour felt like a bit of a let down because, like Petagno says, it became a bit more standard in comparison. Still my favourite horror of 2016 though.


Wow, high praise! There are still so many movies from last year that I need to catch up on, including this one… Speaking of which, have you (or anyone else here) seen The Love Witch? I loved the trailer for this and it seems to have been really well reviewed…


I’ve been trying kodi all week for The Love Witch but nothing available on Exodus. Looks like my type of film…