A New Nightmare - The Rolling Horror Thread 2016 Reborn


William Peter Blatty has died…

Obviously best known for owning The Exorcist, but his directorial stuff in Exorcist III was pretty distinctive too :+1:


By ‘owning’ I of course meant to write ‘writing’. Stupid auto correct…

Anyway, William Peter Blatty :+1:


Watched The Wailing the other day. Enjoyable…first two hours or so flew past but the end was a bit rushed.it seemed strange to cast seeds of doubt as to who the antagonist actually was so late on only to just go “only kidding, you were right from the beginning.” . But yeah, good film, funnier than I was expecting as well.


Demon, a Polish horror which I think is a first for me. Based around a groom who is possessed by a spirit during his wedding reception. Terrific atmosphere in this, no gore or ‘shocks’ Tragic that the director Marcin Wrona committed suicide in the hotel where it was being presented during a film festival. Obvious talent.


Top of my want to see list, can’t get subtitles to work in kodi though.


How does kodi work? Do you have to search for the subtitles separately? I just stick with the old fashioned method of watching films and dl.


Watched last night, Trash Fire

Written and directed by the guy who made the excellent Excision a few years back, this is a nice indie/mumblecore style off the wall piece with definite nods to Carrie. Predominantly just four main characters, although a good cameo from Ash vs Evil Dead’s Pablo, this has plenty of laugh out loud dialogue before a pleasingly bloody finale. Not too much traditional horror, but unsettling nonetheless. 7/10


Yeah, there are subtitle apps but the two i’ve tried have just stuck at the search page. Demon had them included because there’s Polish, English, Yiddish and German spoken.


I liked Incision, will look out for this.


Watched last night, The Greasy Strangler

This generated a fair amount of buzz last year so I had reasonably high expectations. Unfortunately, it got fairly tired after about 20 minutes. It obviously thinks it’s a hilarious gross out classic, but it’s not actually that funny or that gross really and then the ending just sort of happens and it’s over. Nice soundtrack from yer man from Fuck Buttons though. 4/10


Bit quiet in here. Perhaps, a little…too quiet?

Anyway, interesting article here not only as it features an amusing horror themed quiz but because it also helps to highlight how horror is received outside of the western world. Plus it is good fun…


Saw a poster for this which looks like it might appeal to some ITT, sort of a mixture of pitch black comedy and horror.


Alice Lowe is doing a preview tour of that next week with Q&A after each showing. Would be going to the BFI showing, but I’m in Scotland all next week :rage:


Double bill of Korean horror tonight, ‘The Wailing’ & ‘Train to Busan’ Both great, but TtB edges it, it’s what I wanted World War Z to be like after seeing the ‘climbing the wall in Jerusalem’ clip. Except on a train, like Snowpiercer. Anyway, it’s ace.
Also watched ‘13 Tzameti’ the other night, man was that tense.


13 Tzameti is amazing. Been a while since I last watched it, but once the main part of the film starts, the inevitability of it all is really disturbing. Kind of reminded me of Martyrs in that you’re just sitting there thinking, don’t do that, don’t do that, don’t do that… and they do it anyway…


13 Tzameti is so well done, even the b/w suits it. The director remade it with Jason Statham and Mickey Rourke amongst the players, got terrible reviews. I’m kinda curious to see how bad it is…


I’ve seen this now and and I liked it! I’m also lazy. So I’m going to copy what I put in the other thread.

"Went to go see Prevenge last night, written and directed by Alice Lowe (of Garth Marenghi/Sightseers fame). The simple setup - a pregnant woman is told by her unborn baby to go on a killing spree. Tonally it somehow fits together, and the great thing is that it’s more than just its premise.

By that I mean the character development works well and I won’t say more than that. It’s got a Shane Meadows/Ben Wheatley vibe that works really well. It’s funny too, much in the vein of the British humour that Lowe has been a part of throughout her acting. The soundtrack has some good off-kilter stuff in there, mostly in that synthy It Follows style but with a couple of tracks that were a bit weirder and ‘childlike’, for lack of a better word.

If I had one knock against it, it isn’t gory enough. I wanted some scenes to be proper ultraviolent but they didn’t quite go for that. That said, I can understand why. The screening I was in had a q&a with Alice Lowe afterwards and she said that the film was shot in 11 days, with less budget than a wedding, and she was heavily pregnant at the time of filming. So I can certainly forgive it for not having in depth special effects.

Also @Ruffers a good chunk of it is in Cardiff, but it isn’t overtly Cardiff if you know what I mean. I think the vibe is supposed to be the average UK city.

I’m not sure if it’ll hold up on repeat viewings because there isn’t a huge amount of depth to it, but if you want a different take on the slasher genre I would really recommend it. Definitely a good one for fans of horror, there’s some pretty good references in there and it does feel genuinely refreshing. I don’t usually say “go see this film purely to support the artist” but I would really like to see Alice Lowe direct more stuff, so go see it to support her!"


8/11 and a desire to see more posters like this…


watched this film called ‘I Am Not a Serial Killer’. pretty good, falls a bit short of proper greatness. very interesting premise that i don’t think they did enough with.


Really enjoyed Blair Witch. Why’d it get such a kicking?? Not a patch on the original, but then not many horror films are.