A New Nightmare - The Rolling Horror Thread 2016 Reborn


Watched ‘The Wailing’ & ‘Train to Busan’ back to back one night this week. TtB was so brilliant it overshadowed my opinion of The Wailing, whichI did enjoy despite it’s 2 1/2 hour length. TtB is the best zombie film since 28 Days Later. Correct me if I’m wrong.
Just about to watch The Love Witch. This bugger’s 2 hours long, might have to do it in 2 nights.


Let us know what you think of the Love Witch, will ya?


I didn’t watch it all last night, but only because I fell asleep. She moved house, went for tea at a victorian tea room where all the women were dressed up in flouncy outfits and floppy hats, made some candles and dollies snd sold them to an apothecary. Saw a bloke in a park and went with him to his house in the woods where she gave him a tonic she made, then shagged him, then he tripped out and died so she buried him in the garden and put a jar full of her piss, a used tampon and some rosemary on top of the grave. Then the police came and asked her about it, then I fell asleep. NO HORROR. It looks pretty like a Russ Meyer film looks pretty. My wife came in the room during the shagging bit, she didn’t say anything because it wasn’t sexy.


Huh… Well that sounds to be about what I was expecting, so maybe I’ll enjoy it when I get round to it?

I kept things old-skool last night and checked out the 1927 silent version of The Cat and the Canary. Apparently this is considered to be one of the archetypal ‘old dark house’ films of the era. This would be the 2nd of these that I’ve seen, after James Whale’s aptly-titled ‘The Old Dark House’. Whereas that apparently spoofs the genre, this one pretty much epitomizes what audiences of the time would come to expect from this type of film: an old dark house, an escaped lunatic on the grounds, a clawed hand mysteriously appearing at vital moments, etc. This was a lot of fun, and while it barely counts as horror, reminding me much more of a murder-mystery type affair, it’s still got some spooky moments that hold up well. This probably has a lot to do with Paul Leni’s direction. He makes some really interesting choices at times, the version I saw was beautifully tinted and the creativity even extends into the inter-titles themselves. Not sure if I’d recommend this to everyone, but if you already enjoy silent films, it’s well worth checking out…


Watched One Missed Call last night, the original, not the remake. Really enjoyed it, perhaps a bit long in its final third but thought it was really well put together. According to wiki it was derided for being unoriginal, but I think it’s almost up there with The Ring and The Grudge and all those other Japanese horror classics.


Had a beanfeast in cex this afternoon, continuing with buying Tartan Asia Extreme titles I got Visitor Q, Vital & The City of Lost Souls. Plus The Hills Have Eyes, Beyond Re-Animator, Teeth & The Edukators. All for £12.50 and I trded in a bluray copy of Ghost In The Shell 2 for £4 so Cheaper still. Had to put them in the cupboard straight away so the wife didn’t realise I’ve bought even more dvds…


Watched my 2nd horror film from 1927 in the space of 3 days just now, with Lon Chaney in The Unknown. Got this as part of a Lon Chaney set that came out a while ago and this is definitely the most ‘horror’ film on the set. Chaney plays an armless (wa-hey!) circus performer who will stop at nothing to win the love of Joan Crawford’s character. This clocked in at under an hour and there are far worse ways you could spend your time. I have a tendency to assume that older films will be more innocent than movies of today, but I keep getting proved wrong. This has a really sleazy edge to it and is well directed by Tod Browning and Chaney’s on fire here - many of the film’s highlights are carried by his performance with no need for the intertitles to tell you what he’s thinking. Recommended.


Used to love Visitor Q. Leant it to someone over a decade ago and never got it back. Helped get me properly into Pasolini as well.


Potential Valentines Day/romance related horror films -

  1. Valentine 2001
  2. My Bloody Valentine 1981
  3. Switchblade Romance 2003
  4. Sightseers 2012
  5. Audition 1999
  6. The Loved Ones 2009
  7. Swim fan 2002

There’ll be billions I’m sure… let me know some good ones!


Nice list! Here’s some more, in no particular order…

A Girl Walks Home Alone at Night - 2014

It Follows - 2014

Only Lovers Left Alive - 2013

Kiss of the Damned - 2012

The Mummy - 1932

May - 2002

Also, completely off-topic, if any of you are looking for some good horror fiction, I just finished John Langan’s latest novel, The Fisherman and can’t recommend it enough. Won’t say too much about it but it’s definitely one of the best horror novels I’ve read in a while and I’ve been reading a lot recently.



The Fisherman by John Langan - Word Hordehttp://wordhorde.com/books/the-fisherman/

Look for The Fisherman at better independent booksellers In the US and Canada, and many online retailers. Signed copies are available direct from Word Horde.


Good stuff!! I was looking for some horror books, will give it a read :slight_smile:


Landmine GOes Click is now on Netlifx


Watched a few bits over the past couple of weeks…

Stonehearst Asylum - I had heard that this was somewhat disappointing, and it’s true that it takes a rare talent (in this case Brad Anderson, responsible for recent classics Session 9 and The Machinist) to take a story by Edgar Allen Poe and a cast featuring Michael Caine, Ben Kingsley, David Thewlis, Jim Sturgess, Brendan Gleeson, Kate Beckinsale, Sinead Cusack, Jason Flemyng, etc, etc and still turn in such a boring film. It’s aiming for some kind of gothic charm, but the lack of detail and care around its Victorian setting make it hard to get immersed. Stuff happens and then there is a twist at the end which is a real shoulder shrugger. 5/10

Mimic - not seen this since it came out and enjoyed it well enough. It is incredibly 90s, with plenty of neon lighting in the rain, baggy wardrobe straight out of Friends, and even a shouty black cop. The real star, as with most del Toro stuff, is the creature design however, which pulls a real third act Jaws style reveal. Mira Sorvino is great too and looks so pretty here - wish she was still doing good stuff. Think it’s definitely fair to say that del Toro’s best films are comfortbaly his Spanish language trio however. 7/10

Ouija: Origin Of Evil - The first one of these made a ton of money despite being awful, so was obviously going to spawn a sequel of some sort. Despite sharing a name however, this is not particularly set in the same universe. Directed by Mike Flannagan (Absentia, Oculus, Hush) I had…middling hopes for this. The set up is decent and the 60s Los Angeles world is lush, but it quickly descends into fairly standard possession/haunted house peril unfortunately. The FX guy obviously REALLY likes the video for Black Hole Sun too. Still - this one also made a truckload of money so there’s obviously a market for this kind of horror. 5/10

Only Lovers Left Alive - don’t know why it’s taken me so long to watch this as it squarely ticks the boxes of my more pretentious leanings. Being a Jim Jarmusch film, it’s not massively about much, but Tom Hiddlestone and Tilda Swinton both look amazing as star crossed vampire lovers throughout the ages. The whole film looks immaculate in fact. Brings some fresh ideas to vampire lore, particularly what the experience of being alive for hundreds of years might practically entail. Anyone know anything about the band in this, White Hills? They seem pretty good. 8/10

Also started up on The Walking Dead again. First two episodes have at least picked up the story pace a little and have stopped being The Negan Show, but I have basically got to the Lost stage with this where I’m just waiting for it to end having invested so much time in it. Also watching the second season of Fortitude, which continues where its predecessor left off with a tiny community that has such a high bodycount you wonder if it might be based on Midsommer Murders. They seem to have added a supernatural slasher element for this series, so that’s nice…


Only seen Only Lovers Left Alive out of these and absolutely loved it. Hadn’t been expecting too much going in, thought it might be too far into the realm of the slow and pretentious but as it was, I really enjoyed it. It’s got a nicely humorous touch to it that I wasn’t expecting and the whole film just kind of floats by in a very pleasing way.

In other news, this Black Tapes t-shirt showed up for me in the mail the other day. Consider me hooked: https://www.teepublic.com/t-shirt/1133911-the-black-tapes-no-ghosts?store_id=84459


Nice threads :+1:


Roll on summer… [:blush:]

What’s the general consensus here on Cloverfield? Been about 10 years since it came out and I watched it for the 2nd time last night, cos I plan to rewatch 10 Cloverfield Lane soon and wanted a reminder of the first one. I have to say I love pretty much everything about it. I’m a sucker for giant monster movies and this feels like a near-perfect updating of that type of movie. I know a lot of people seemed to really hate the ‘shaky-cam’ nature of it. For me, this feels about as close to actually being in this situation as I’d ever want to get…


Anyone seen Road Games?


No I haven’t, but I saw Baskin last night. That’s pretty intense.


Totally agree withyou on Stonehearst, Mimic & OLLA. White Hills are great, seen them a few times. Haven’t seen Ouija 2, won’t rush to now._


Seen Cloverfield twice, would again.