A New Nightmare - The Rolling Horror Thread 2016 Reborn


Plan on checking out Baskin some time soon. Watched the trailer recently and intense looks like a good summary…


Went to see Get Out last night. Top film. Sometimes, I feel like horror movies can be divided into two types: ones like Night of the Living Dead where even though you root for the protagonist, the film just wouldn’t have the same power if he’d made it out alive and films like Get Out where you absolutely want the hero to survive, no matter what, and stick it to all those fuckers that tried to fuck him over. Highly recommended.


I’d not heard of this before. The reviews on imdb are glowing & it has a 100% rating on rotten tomatoes! Woah. Looking forward to catching it soon.


In Netflix we trust?

They’ve been previewing their new shows for later this year and two jump out…

Firstly the David Fincher helmed Mindhunters (nice name). He’s been linked to a bunch of TV projects over the past few years which haven’t happened so excited for this:

Next up, some fairly bleak looking stuff from our German cousins. Looks like this one could be quite heavy on the imagery, maybe a la Hannibal (hopefully):

I’m always looking for the next TV horror to binge on tbh tbf…


watched scream again tonight. still stands up. would say it’s an almost perfect movie.


I caught this last year around Halloween and was really impressed too. I’m not sure I’d seen it since it first came out and was expecting it to be a bit too glossy for my tastes but I should have known better considering Wes Craven was responsible for it… Would like to see the sequels too…


Dunno if it’s horror-horror but has anyone seen ‘the strange colour of your body’s tears’???


I have! Found it completely forgettable tbh


Yeah cant find any good reviews. Will skip it.


Its just a director trying to show off how arty they are. Youre not missing out


looked it up to see who it was and it has two directors. no film with two directors can possibly be good.


Oh is it? Thats even worse (apart from Cemetery Junction)


Powell and Pressburger respectfully invite you to fuck off :+1:


Strong words


Perhaps surprisingly, there is only genuine affection in the horror thread :heart_eyes:


Seems so!


Powell and shitburger more like!!


Haven’t seen The Strange Color of Your Body’s Tears, but I did watch their previous film, Amer. Really, really didn’t like that. Kind of a super-artsy homage to giallo films, with all the magic removed.


I was thinking of what I would compare it ti and it was Amer, didnt realise it was the same people


Watched last night, I Am Not A Serial Killer

Nice indie flick that comes across as a cross between Slacker and Dexter (Sexter?). Features a frighteningly old looking Christopher Lloyd in a fairly creepy role, and also the kid from Where The Wild Things Are (Max Records - amazing name) as a full grown adult and that British actress who played Lydia in Breaking Bad. The story/approach is fairly unusual and for a low budget film features some innovative creature design. Pleasingly weird and unsettling. 8/10