A New Nightmare - The Rolling Horror Thread 2016 Reborn


The Reef (2010)

This is a shark movie not a million miles away from Open Water. It’s great, really tense and gut-wrenching, and the shark behaviour seems chillingly realistic. Also pretty close to being a true story, as these things go. Some of the POV camera work is super. recommended even if it sounds a bit ‘it’s been done’


Hoping to get to this later in the year. I’m gonna re-watch Twin Peaks: Fire Walk With Me tomorrow night. Just finished re-watching the series. Fucking amazing stuff, love it all…


The critical panning Fire Walk With Me received is one of the most baffling responses to a film I’ve ever experienced. If you’re a Twin Peaks fan surely it’s virtually perfect.

And THAT soundtrack…


Had planned to watch this on Saturday, but didn’t get round to it till last night. Wow. This has aged well; my only complaint, if that’s the right word, is that it’s just so bleak… It has very little of the humour that lightened the darker moments of the show. But still, that’s just nitpicking, amazing film, amazing soundtrack, am well up for the new series. Will also soon check out The Missing Pieces deleted scenes from FWWM.

Hey Pentago - are you listening to this: https://www.rabbitspodcast.com/

It’s more of the same from the folk that do Black Tapes and Tanis. I’m beginning to wonder how much longer they can milk the same formula, but if you like the first two, you should enjoy this, especially if you’re into gaming (which I’m not…)

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Lovely stuff - might have to dig my DVD (and CD soundtrack album) of FWWM out to get geared up for the new series :+1:

I’ve not been listening to Rabbits, although nice synchronicity with my Easter avatar :rabbit: Might save that up for binge listening during my next big DIY project :rabbit2:


Watched last night, Prevenge…

Had been looking forward to this for awhile and it didn’t disappoint. Has the right balance of quintessentially British humour and some pleasingly bloody gore. Alice Lowe is fantastic throughout, in all of her roles as writer, director and lead. Plus she was actually 7 months pregnant during the two week shoot for this, so no pillow down the jumper approach. The supporting cast all bring something to the party too, including yer man from Facejacker, moustache from Man Down and a couple of Game Of Throners. Neat soundtrack too. 8/10

Then by weird synchronicity, I logged onto All4 and this short was on the front page which dovetailed perfectly…


Thought this looked interesting, and Alice Lowe deserves every accolade she’s been getting for this. Hope to see it soon. Could be a good double-bill with Eraserhead for films about the anxiety of parenting…




Thanks for posting this, I’ll definitely watch it soon! Sadly the cinema release for it was really limited so I didn’t get a chance last year…


Also have other people in this thread seen Raw? A couple of other posters in the main film thread have. I’ve been thinking about it a lot, I’d go as far as to say if you like horror, you’re really missing out by not watching it. Even though it isn’t “scary” as such!


Not seen it yet, no. On my to-see list along with Prevenge and The Void. Always takes me forever to get round to new stuff…


watching this right now coincidentally


Just realised Covenant is only a few weeks away, any of the crew going to watch it? By the sound of things it’s a more straight-up horror film than Prometheus was. i think i’ll go to see it, personally, while keeping my expectations low.


Nah will wait for it to be on amazon or whatever. Just cannot be cba’d with the same film again.


Watched this weekend: Twin Peaks: The Missing Pieces – This is a collection of scenes that didn’t make it into the released cut of Fire Walk With Me. It runs for about 90 minutes and if you’re a fan of the show or the film, then this is well worth seeing. Typically, it’s pretty easy to understand why deleted scenes are exactly that; however, here it almost feels like you’re watching a kind of companion piece showing what various characters were up to during the course of the original film. It allows more time for some of the returning cast members and there’s (slightly) more humour than in the film itself. More Cooper, more Phillip Jeffries, slightly more post-end-of-final-episode stuff and Chis Isaak beating up that obnoxious sheriff (Cable?).

Also watched The Love Witch. Wow, that’s a beautiful film. I feel like the act of watching the film goes some way to approximating what it might be like to spend time in the central character’s company: spellbinding, hypnotic, intoxicating… Not strictly a horror film, but a perfect mellow Sunday afternoon viewing experience. There are so many scenes of pure eye-candy in this and the story itself mostly works very well. My appreciation for it was only increased when I learnt how much the director herself did for the film by way of costumes etc… Highly recommended.

Also checked out multiple episodes of Tanis, finished reading a stack of Harrow County comics I’ve been waiting to get to for some time and started The Secret History of Twin Peaks book. Wife and son are away for the week.


there’s some deleted scenes from Wild at Heart that are creepy AF, mostly ones involving the characters who stalk Harry Dean Stanton, who are barely in the finished film. highly recommend tracking them down if you’re a fan of that film at all.


I used to be a bit obsessed with Lynch, but it’s been years since I’ve seen Wild at Heart. Really should check it out again as I loved it at the time… What a fucking artist that man is, just totally committed to his vision…


Watched last night, Split

So it would seem that after this and The Visit, both made on relatively tiny budgets and making whacking great returns, M Night Shyamalan is box office hot again (although let’s take a moment to bow our heads and remember those poor souls who actually paid ticket money to go see the likes of Lady In The Water, The Happening, The Last Airbender and After Earth).

I thought that Split was…fairly trashy tbh tbf. The multiple personalities thing felt a bit hackneyed and the overall tone regarding mental health was fairly clumsy. James McAvoy gets to ham it up like crazy and Anya Taylor-Joy from The Witch is decent as the victim who fights back. It’s quite nicely shot and scored, but the main failing for me is that it’s just so long - at two hours this could surely have had 30 minutes cut. 5/10

However, there was one redeeming feature right at the end which I’ll spoil as I didn’t know about it and it was a great final scene reveal…

…in a Marvel style, we see Bruce Willis as David Dunn from Unbreakable, tying the two films into the same universe. I LOVE Unbreakable, and think it’s comfortably Shyamalan’s best film and possibly the best superhero movie ever made. Apparently plans are afoot to make a third film in this universe, and elements of Split were in the original draft of Unbreakable, so if the success of this film means we get more David Dunn and Mr Glass then I am ok with that :+1:


Took myself off to my local horror night yesterday for Night of the Creeps. I’d never seen this before but had read lots about it being a bit of a minor classic. And… I don’t know that it’s all that good, to be honest. I can imagine that if I’d seen it when I was younger it might mean more to me, but as it was, it was a bit too spoofy and 80s to really do it for me. Plus, I think my recent binges on Twin Peaks and The Love Witch have really raised the bar on what I’ll enjoy. Shit, I’ve become a horror snob…


So much for spoilers as it’s been reasonably big film news this week…

Stupidly excited for this. It’s going to be shit isn’t it?