A New Nightmare - The Rolling Horror Thread 2016 Reborn


Watched last night, Rakka

The first short film from Neil Bloomkamp’s new production team, this will look fairly familiar to anyone who has seen District 9 or Elysium as it has that same grimey near future feel. Establishes its world very effectively in its just over 20 minute runtime. The aliens are creepy as fuck and there are some genuinely novel ideas about alien invasion. Plus Sigourney Weaver natch, which is always a pleasure. It’s available on YouTube:


does this work as a standalone?

sound the list klaxon :


I love a good list and this one includes some interesting choices. Here are some random thoughts:

Interesting to see At Midnight I’ll Take Your Soul included. I’ve been meaning to check out Coffin Joe for years and this film is definitely on my must-see list…

Nice to see some newer films on the list and I’d definitely support It Follows, The Babadook and The Witch. Anyone that’s seen They Look Like People, We Are Still Here, The Innkeepers, The Nightmare, We Need To Talk About Kevin and Starry Eyes think they’re really top 100 worthy?

Glad that Black Christmas is included, although I think I’d put it even higher – the phone calls in this one are really disturbing…

Really surprised to see We Are What We Are so high up – it was decent but wouldn’t make it anywhere near any top 100 list I’d compile…

Should have included: The Mist, Cloverfield, May, The Loved Ones, Phantasm (can’t believe they didn’t include this!!!), You’re Next, Under The Shadow and Living Dead at the Manchester Morgue…


Starry Eyes was almost too much for me. there’s some really brutal violence in it. definitely worth a watch but i can’t say i ‘enjoyed’ it. then again with horror that’s sometimes not the point. i didn’t rate We Are Still Here but @shimmetry rates it highly. Couple of weird, mean-spirited plot decisions that i couldn’t really see past. it’s got barbara crampton and Larry Fessenden (in an actual role, not juts a cameo!).


Cool. Maybe I’ll check these out some time…

Another question: which of these that you haven’t seen would you most like to?

For me it would probably be the aforementioned Coffin Joe movie and then:

  • The Host - Love monster movies and this sounds like fun…

  • Inside - Have really ‘enjoyed’ the new French extremity movies I’ve seen, they’re nothing if not challenging…

  • Repulsion - One of those classics that I’ve just never got round to…

  • Behind The Mask - Seems like @pentagno really rates this…

  • Demons - I love Italian horror and am embarrassed to admit I’ve never seen this…

  • The Changeling - Ditto for Demons, except without the Italian horror bit…

  • The Innocents - Same goes for this one…


That’s @Petagno pal :rage:

But yes, it is great fun. In fact the only one I don’t really rate from your shortlist is Inside, but then I’ve not been a huge fan of the French new wave of horror in general :expressionless:


Consider me suitably chastened!

Did you not enjoy Martyrs?


Demons for sure! the soundtrack is glorious fun but i haven’t seen the film.
The Orphanage as well is probably top of my list.


Inside is the kind of film i couldn’t recommend in good conscience. It will have some kind of gut effect on you though, which is an achievement in itself. it’s really stayed with me, despite what i saw as its flaws. i don’t recommend watching it if you’re feeling at all delicate/existentially troubled, which i was at the time


I did not…

I actually went to the UK premiere and was super-psyched as it already had some buzz building but I was thoroughly disappointed :thumbsdown:


Craziness! Admittedly, I’d taken a bit of a step back from horror when I saw it, but it pretty much blew me away. Only film I can ever remember pausing and asking myself why the hell I was watching it - it made me pretty angry at the time, but since then I’ve come to really respect it.


Starry Eyes was one of the few horrors that i’ve watched when mrs S was in the room. When it came to the bowling ball scene she stood up and walked out the room loudly ‘la, la,la’ -ing to the disguise the sound. One of the most brutal kills of recent years tbf.
I got my hands on a bluray of ‘we are still here’ last week. Only 500 made for the UK market, seems odd. LOVE THAT FILM. :slightly_smiling_face:


I enjoyed The Innkeepers a lot. Top 100? Maybe not, but it’s well worth checking out. My wife had to go and stand in the kitchen for the climax because it was too much for her, so you can take that as a recommendation if you like. There’s a really really subtle twist in the last shot as well, which took the director’s commentary to point out to me.


I enjoyed The Innkeepers a lot but I could see how it’s maybe not for everyone, ie it’s very slow and has few actual scares.

Could you give us the twist in a spoiler maybe?


The Host is great, cracking monster and characters with personality. I rewatched it recrntly and loved it still. Demons is amazing, how have you not seen it!? Demons 2 is well worth a watch too, top soundtrack as well with The Smiths and Dead Can Dance.
Inside is one of those films I want to see but I don’t want to see.


Alright, am adding the Innkeepers to my must-see list.


It is crazy that I’ve never seen Demons, will try to rectify this ASAP!


Right at the end there’s a long shot of a seemingly empty room. If you look closely at the curtains you can just barely make out the translucent ghost of the lead character. She turns her head toward the camera and the door slams. The end. Took me a few goes with the rewind button to spot it, but it’s definitely there.


Watched last night, Lake Mungo

Had put off watching this previously as I incorrectly thought it was found footage - it’s actually documentary style, and is done in an incredibly naturalistic and believable way. The story is a slow reveal with some clever twists along the way, including one final one just when you think you’ve got the measure of events. Not a scare-fest, but has some genuinely creepy moments. Makes the absolute most of its micro-budget and is well scripted and inventive throughout. 7/10


I think this is one of those that people force themselves to see. I didn’t spot it