A New Nightmare - The Rolling Horror Thread 2016 Reborn


one of the most haunting films i’ve seen in recent years, on more than one level. can’t speak highly enough of it. those end credits…


need some higher resolution m9! definitely there.


as an alternative opinion, I thought it was stupid and boring.


Fair enough, taking it off again…


Anybody caught Blood Drive yet? New series on SyFy. No, wait, come back! Grindhouse style series about a car race where the cars run on human blood, set in 1999, but not really 1999 because it’s an alternate future wingding. A mate says each episode after the first has a different horror film theme, vampires, zombies etc. I watched the first episode last night, this could be a runner.


This sounds like…something. Have you got much further with it?

Watched over the weekend, the Bloody Cuts series of short films…

Stumbled across one of these and then watched the whole lot (they are all under 15 minutes long tbh tbf). Some great genre hopping between them. The Birch seems to be the one winning plaudits on the film festival circuit but I found Suckablood the most fun and Don’t Move the most pleasingly gory. 8/10

They are all youtube or else can be watched on the Bloody Cuts website:

In other news, I know that The Loved Ones gets a lot of, err, love on here, and rightly so. I didn’t realise that we hadn’t had another film from the director since however. The Devil’s Candy, completed in 2015, but only released this year has been getting rave reviews - anyone seen it?


I’ve seen the first 3 episodes of Blood Drive now. Thought they could have made more of the monsters in episode 3, but i’ll be continuing with interest.
The Loved Ones was great and I noticed his new one was out, shall be looking out for it.


Watched A cure For Wellness last night. Absolutely gorgeous looking, more of a mystery thriller with horror elements really. If you enjoyed Shutter Island, you’ll likely enjoy this.




Stranger Than It


didn’t care for the weird found sound dubstep bit near the end. “we all float, we all float”. needed a drop.


There’s no way it can be good. They’ve made the clown way too “”“scary”"" which ruins it.


Recently finished ‘The Girl with All the Gifts’ book and then watched the movie last night. Both very good and well worth checking out. Only thing I’d change is probably to watch the film first and then read the book. Needless to say, there’s a lot that gets cut out of the novel – by watching the film 2nd, it couldn’t help but feel a little simplified. Still, really enjoyable film though and nice to see it doing something new with the zombie genre. That new-ness also means that you lose some of the tropes you might typically expect to come across in a more traditional zombie film, but I’ll take ambition over tradition any day. Cinematography is really lush and I’m always up for horror films that take place in rural England and/or show urban England in a post-apocalyptic setting.

Anyone else seen/read this?


Yep. Enjoyed them both. You’re right that it might have been better to watch the film first, but I did it in the same order as you. I thought the young actor playing Melanie in the movie was terrific. The author (he wrote the screenplay for the film as well) has recently published another book in the same world, called The Boy On The Bridge. It’s the story of what happened to the original crew of the Rosalind Franklin, and is worth reading as well.


The wife enjoyed the book so we watched the film and both thought it was pretty poor. Pretty low on acting talent all round tbh. Can see how the ending could be seen as an interesting take on it but all i was really focused on was the horrendous CGI.


Thanks for the recommendation for The Boy on the Bridge. I was figuring I might give it a shot soon and I think you just sealed the deal. I hear it ties into the original novel in some interesting ways?


before you rush off to Waterstones, I feel I should mention that I got it from the library - it’s a decent read, but I’m not sure I would have dropped twenty quid on it in hardback!


seen the film, haven’t read the book. i feel bad for saying this about so many films ITT, but i found it just a little lacking. something felt a bit incomplete about it, so it made sense when i learned that it was adapted from a book. from the sound of things they left out some juicy stuff. it’s definitely not a bad film, don’t think i’ll watch it again though. knowing me i probably missed some subtext though


seems decent but its like £100 on amazon due to rarity.


Anyone seen Sauna?