A New Nightmare - The Rolling Horror Thread 2016 Reborn


I think that’s a totally valid response - I was really up for it if for no other reason than that Rue Morgue had really bigged it up, and I normally trust their opinion. I think part of the problem is that the most traditionally exciting part of the film comes at the beginning, with the hungries storming the base and then there’s not much in the way of what you’d expect from this sort of film…


It’s on my imdb watchlist. Haven’t come across it so far.


I found it online


Couldn’t find it with subtitles. My Finnish isn’t great.


Ill message you tonight


Went to a tribute screening of Night of the Living Dead last night. Think this is probably my favourite of all Romero’s ‘Dead’ movies. There were a couple of kids sitting in front of me - when the film finished, one of them got up and yawned: ‘That was the slowest movie I’ve ever seen…’


Watched last night, Pet

Featuring yer hobbit man from Lost and that lass from Lost Girl, this got fairly good reviews on the horror circuit last year. Was somewhat surprised therefore when it started off as a fairly bog standard awkward loner/ stalker type affair. The story then pulls a fairly neat switcheroo midway through and then sticks in another couple of plot twists, includes some decent gore, before a pleasingly bleak finale. 7/10


Also, after the chat up ^there, picked up the book of The Girl With All The Gifts (part of Fopp’s two for five pounds selection deal lovers). Looking forward to reading that as enjoyed the film very much…


I love me some Christmas horror and this seems to be getting some very good reviews at this year’s festivals:

Looking forward to a wide release later in the year…


That’s showing at FrightFest in London later this month :thumbsup:

Due to various commitments, I’m not going to get to anywhere near as many films at this year’s FrightFest as normal :cry: Currently got tickets for Cult Of Chucky and Death Note on the opening night however. Anyone else going to anything?


I wish I were…

Having my own mini FrightFest at home tonight with a double-bill of The Cabinet of Dr Caligari to further my son’s love of early horror films and then after that, once he’s in bed, Train to Busan. Should be a good night…


Good stuff. Let us know what you think of Train To Busan - most people in this thread, myself included, seem to have enjoyed it aside from White Russia, but who values her ridiculous Swedish opinions anyway…


Loved Train to Busan - wasn’t expecting it to be be as bleak as it was, and found it genuinely emotionally-involving; the stakes always feel that much higher when you care about the characters. Definitely one of the best zombie/action-move hybrids I’ve seen in a long time. (My son enjoyed Caligari too…)


Nice article on British Folk Horror here: http://www.spectacularoptical.ca/2013/10/a-history-of-british-folk-horror/


A History of British Folk Horror - Spectacular Opticalhttp://www.spectacularoptical.ca/2013/10/a-history-of-british-folk-horror/

England is an old country. There’s evidence of us as a Mesolithic people 15,000 years ago, and the beginnings of a settled society, rituals, religious worship and …

Not new, but worth checking out…


Watched last night: The Night Evelyn Came Out of the Grave. What a title. The world would be a better place if films with names like this were still being made. I’ve been wanting to see this for years, but for whatever reason never got round to it. Picked this up recently on an Arrow Blu-Ray set along with another movie by the same director, The Red Queen Kills Seven Times, another fantastic title. As for Evelyn… this is a wonderfully lurid (at least in the first third or so) slice of 70s Italian giallo-tinged goodness. Without ever quite reaching the heights of some its more well-known country-mates it still manages to prove extremely entertaining. There’s a pleasing selection of Euro-starlets on display here, including Erika Blanc and Marina Malfatti, and the soundtrack is the kind of pleasing mix of lounge-core and of-its-time rock numbers that makes this type of film as easy on the ear as it is on the eye. The plot plays its cards pretty close to its chest, opting for several final reel reveals that had me reaching for the remote to make sure the director was playing fair - he was, and well done to him for fooling me. It’s not the best of its kind but if you’re in the mood for a giallo laced with some Gothic atmosphere, this comes recommended. Very upsetting final scene, mind.


Good article - I do love a bit of folk horror/psychogeography. Reminds me of Antichrist - not my favourite film, but I do like the idea that just being in the woods themselves are fairly menacing.

On a related note, I’m currently reading The Lonely which is a lovely slab of this kind of thing. Plus it was Costa’s debut novel of the year last year, so, err, that’s good…



Adding this to my must-read list. Never heard of it but looks right up my street, as it were…


Watched Phantasm: Ravager for the 2nd time last night. I fucking love these films. I’m always up for a horror franchise and I think this may be my favourite of all. Think I enjoyed this more on a second viewing because I wasn’t sitting there the whole time thinking, ‘Please don’t suck, please don’t suck, please don’t suck…’ By now anyone that’s been paying attention to these films should have known not to expect a sequel that would wrap everything up in a nice bow; none of the previous sequels have really attempted that, so it would have been weird for this one to start trying. Nevertheless, if I had one criticism, it might be that there’s so much dimension-hopping going one here, that at times it’s hard to care about some of the secondary characters because hey!, if they die in this reality, what’s to stop them from coming back in another one, later in the movie. But these films have never been about the secondary characters: it’s all about Reggie, Mike, Jody and the Tall Man, and in this respect, Ravager more than succeeds. It’s probably safe to assume that this will be the last one in the series, with the passing of Angus Scrimm last year, (a sub-plot from earlier films where Mike seemed to be being groomed to take over as the Tall Man seems to be ignored in Ravager) and if that’s the case, this would serve as a pretty much perfect finale. If you’re a fan of the series this is definitely worth checking out…


Just saw Lake Bodom on Shudder Channel. I really enjoyed it. Anyone else seen it?


Walked past Forbidden Planet and they have a massive window display of all things Blood Drive - how are you getting on with it?


I’m five episodes i, I think. Hardly any racing after the first episode, they just seem to be at the next destination. Characters are decent enough though the main police guy grates in his righteousness.
In other news, I watched The Poughkeepsie Tapes last night. It kept popping up on lists and it’s easy to see why. Thoroughly creepy, and shot in a style which mixes the found footage and interviews in a believable manner. I was horrified to find both the front and back doors were open when I checked them…