A New Nightmare - The Rolling Horror Thread 2016 Reborn


Lol. Reminds me of when I watched Shutter (original) by myself late at night at home one day, and then disturbed a black cat that had crept into the house on my way to bed - literally froze with fear :astonished: :grimacing:


Haha, no way.


Yes way :+1:

It was the middle of summer so I’d left the garden doors open to cool the house down. Switched off all the lights before heading up the stairs so it was almost pitch black - got just to the top of the stairs and could just make out a…shape right in front of me, slightly glowing (presumably its eyes). Froze solid for what felt like ages before the cat bolted nearly giving me a heart attack and causing me to fall down the stairs. When I’d recovered approximately 10% of my composure I blundered around chasing it from room to room in the dark trying to get it outside before giving up and going to bed. Could still be in there somewhere for all I know…


Cats aside, Shutter is also a damn unnerving film :camera_flash:


Brilliant. At least there were no small dark critters in Shutter. One of my cats once jumped from the stairs behind me onto my chest as I was lying recumbent on the sofa. I was fully engrossed in a film and had no idea the fat bastard was there.


Great double bill of Deathgasm & We Are Still Here on horror channel Tonight (Friday) from 9pm. \m/


Finally caught up with The Autopsy Of Jane Doe last night. I liked it a lot, really creepy. The last twenty minutes or so fell off a little bit, and I am heartily sick of Carrie type ‘shock’ endings but the good stuff outweighed the niggles. Really liked the bit where they peel back her skin and it’s tattooed on the inside. Brrr.


This was probably one of the best horror films I’ve seen in awhile genuinely quite spooky


Watched at the weekend, FrightFest edition…

Due to various bank holiday commitments I didn’t get to anywhere near as much stuff as usual this year sadly. I was there for opening night however, which was a lot of fun. Got to meet and chat to Barbara Crampton, who at almost 60 is still an absolute robo babe. Kane Hodder opened up proceedings and was very entertaining. Fiona Dourif (who looks uncannily like her dad) and Jennifer Tilly (who was an absolute maniac) were there amongst other members of the Cult Of Chucky cast and crew. There were a bunch of festival special spots and short films which were all good. My choices not as good as they could have been unfortunately.

Cult Of Chucky – it seems as though I’ve been watching Chucky films most of my life. With this, the seventh installment of the series, things are kept up to date and fresh – in fact, throughout the series the makers have managed to not repeat themselves too much. No mean feat when the set up has remained a possessed doll. The cinematography is surprisingly striking throughout and the score is excellent. Fiona Dourif is once again great as the protagonist, and there is more than enough Chucky to go around. Jennifer Tilly gets an entertaingly meta appearance, and the film ends on something of a cliffhanger which suggests that there is more to come in the series. 8/10

Death Note – only just a sneak preview, as this has now aired on Netflix. Remake of the Japanese adaptation of the mange, this falls into loads of the pitfalls that often beset US remakes. Shame as it looks and sounds great, plus Willem Defoe is suitably creepy as the death dealing demon. However it lacks all of the quirkiness of the original, the characters are extremely unsympathetic and the finales relies entirely on bombast. A real waste of director Adam Wingard’s (You’re Next/The Guest) energies. 4/10

Jackals – Stephen Dorff and Deborah Kara Unger boost this up from a d-list cabin siege thriller just about. Unfortunately, recent additions to the genre such as No One Lives and You’re Next have demonstrated that there is still fresh blood to be mined from this setup, whereas Jackals is content to stick with standard jump scares and gory deaths. Not a bad film (although some of the dialogue and delivery is jarringly amateur) but nothing particularly new to offer. 5/10


Looks like I’m not the only one who felt that way about Death Note…


Sounds like a fun weekend, sorry to have missed out… I might be about to lose my membership to the DiS horror-posse but you know what, I’ve never seen any of the Child’s Play movies. Am I missing out?

In other news, watched the 2nd half of my Gothic Dames set last night, with The Red Queen Kills Seven Times. This stars the heavenly Barbara Bouchet, and is well worth checking out if you’re a fan of all things giallo. Like the Night Evelyn Came Out of the Grave, this has all the usual trappings, with an added layer of supernaturalism (or is it?), thrown in for good measure. All the reviews I’d read place this one as slightly better than Evelyn, but if anything I’d have to say I preferred Evelyn, even though Barbara Bouchet is far easier on the eye than Anthony Steffen. I tend to enjoy sleaze with my cheese and Evelyn just brings it a little more than Red Queen, plus although both have ridiculously convoluted explanations for the films’ events, Evelyn’s had me scratching my head slightly less than Red Queen’s. Both wonderful fun though…

In other other news, I’m off to a screening of the 80s remake of The Blob tonight - never seen this and always wanted to since seeing pictures of it in the (I think) first ever copy of Fangoria I bought back in the day…

And in other other other news, iMDB have this awesome gallery of foreign horror movie posters to drool over:




Those posters are amazing - especially some of the ones that have such iconic cover images already associated with them (The Omen, Rosemary’s baby, Christine). I have that Army Of Darkness poster on a t-shirt :sunglasses:

Hard to say what it would be like approaching the Child’s Play films from scratch - the original was probably one of the first contemporary horror films I saw growing up, so they’ve always been a core part of my journey through horror. That said, you don’t get to seven films without doing something right I guess…


I love the poster for Children of the Corn - HORROR KID! Such an unsubtle retitling, brilliant.

Went to see The Blob last night; twas alright, I guess. I kind of feel with a lot of these 80s films that have recently been reappraised that you probably needed to see them when they first came out to really ‘get’ them and feel a connection. Fantastic practical effects though…


Love The Blob, was taken aback by how violent and merciless it is.

New It film is getting some rave reviews. I’m a bit wary of the hype train when it comes to horror films though


Oi! Just found out that episode 1 of season 3 of the Black Tapes is up: http://theblacktapespodcast.com/blog/2017/8/29/the-black-tapes-episode-301-the-sins-of-the-father

I’d just started re-listening to the first season, so now I can’t decide if I want to carry on with that, or jump right into season 3… Decisions, decisions…


I had that Videodrome poster on my wall. I wish I still had it.


Definitely don’t jump ahead!

I might wait until the whole thing is up and binge on it like I did with the first two series :+1:


Have you been listening to Tanis and/or Rabbits? I’ve really been enjoying Tanis, although I thought the ending to Season 3 was a bit anti-climatic. Wasn’t super-sure about Rabbits at first as it seemed a bit derivative of the other two but as it progressed it sucked me in. Plus, if they don’t do a season 2, the ending to the first season would be a pretty good place to stop…


Ive got this on @Witches’ recommendation. Hope it’s good!!


you;ll get bored


Quite like boring things tbh