A New Nightmare - The Rolling Horror Thread 2016 Reborn


And this is why I don’t work in IT…


this is superb news tho, i had a feeling the filmmakers would be aiming for something a bit deeper than the standard hollywood horror fare just 'cos you have to kind of be a true believer nerd to want to adapt IT in 2017. hopefully this and other stuff like the witch and it follows might persuade the cigar chompers to open up more space for smart hollywood scares.




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I’m seeing this in a private screening on Saturday for a friends stag do and I’m either very excited or very scared or both




what’s an imme-



haha wtf happened here oh my goodness :smiley:


Right? What the fuck?


I watched Before I Wake last night, same director, she’s in that too. Good looking, good idea, pretty well executed but I didn’t like the ending. Too perfectly wrapped up and explained for me, I like some ambiguity or unknown or unexplained or unexplored element which Absentia had in droves. Boo.


Watched it last night. Film was very good. Looking forward to Part II.

Cinema went all out. Red balloon connected to a hand coming out of the sewer outside. Lots of scary clowns hanging about the auditorium. Tables selling the book, those funko-pop(?) toys of Pennywise, and ‘Pennywise For President’ election signs.

As we were leaving we were behind the Stephen King tours car, which has Pennywise stuck on the back, which was a creepy coincidence!


saw it last night. thought it was fucking great.


skarsgard absolutely nailed pennywise. he’s more alien and animal than in the book, therefore scarier. he was better than tim curry, i have to say.
for a hollywood horror the amount of weirdness around the edges was really refreshing. was genuinely shocked at how graphic georgie’s murder was.
the kids! the kids were so good!
parts of it were genuinely funny, which i really liked. the door signs in neibolt street killed everyone in the cinema :laughing: “VERY VERY SCARY” “SCARY” “NOT SCARY AT ALL!”
some of the imagery was absolutely stunning/haunting. the V of balloons outside neibolt street, when IT is in the bushes eating georgie’s hand and waving to mike, the slow reveal of IT in the refrigerator


the CGI looked ropey at certain points.

the ending got a bit too hollywood, plus just braying fuck out of IT with baseball bats and crowbars was really dumb (yet somehow still better than the giant spider)

the music could have been dialed back a bit. i was already creeped out at the right points, ffs.

still, fucking tops. would watch that again quite happily.


saw It as well. Dialogue could be a bit clunky (because, you know, Stephen King) and somewhat hard to to discern in spots, but very good otherwise. I’ve always thought it was weird how sanitized dialogue for pre-teens/teens usually is, but they seemed pretty spot on in how I remember acting when I was that age.

don’t quite remember how it ended when they were young, but the spider thing was when they were older, wasn’t it?


Yeah I absolutely loved it.


ah i can’t remember now. i think it might be a spider both times, but they definitely do the whole awful flying-through-space thing in '58 and '84 in the book.

there were two real :man_facepalming: moments for me but i can only remember the one now, which was when they go into the lair at the end and you see the dead kids floating around the pile of bones and toys and someone says, “LOOK, THEY ARE ALL…FLOATING.

i think it would have helped to have a couple of extra scenes of random kids being offed and the police/press showing little appetite for investigating the murders properly, since the fear and apathy blanketing derry is a huge source of atmosphere in the book. i thought that was why they made henry’s dad the sheriff, since he’s obviously a corrupt douche. plus i thought for sure the bully girl was going to get schwacked at some point. i wonder if these threads were cut from earlier drafts/edits or summat.

it’d be a great film to watch stoned so that’s pencilled in for when the dvd comes out :slightly_smiling_face:


Thats illegal


I agree and there was a bit of skimming going on with some of it, though I’m thinking some of these scenes may’ve been cut to keep the running time a bit more concise. Not sure I would’ve noticed as much if I hadn’t read the book.

One thing I do wonder about the sequel/second half: is there really that much material for 2 hours? I seem to recall like 75% of the plot was mostly covered in the kids’ portions with the adult portions mostly concerning them coming back together to finish killing It. I guess it could be fleshed out a bit, but it seems like something where the first hour or so would be fairly uneventful.


I saw It yesterday. I’m a rubbish reviewer, so I’ll do my usual bullshit rambling.

I’m kind of surprised at how I’m seeing so many positive reactions, cause (though I liked the film overall, I think) I feel like it was let down by being a bit school-of-OH-SHIT-LOUD-NOISE-M8 horror at points, which I thought got in the way of how effective other parts of it actually were. It was tonally weird in relation to contemporary horror, because it seemed to veer towards your kind of Blumhouse standard jumpy creeper stuff and then towards the kind of dreamy Stranger Things / Wingard '80s warm-and-lightly-warped nostalgia thing in a way that sometimes jarred. There’s that one shot of his door with the New Kids on the Block poster, which seemed kind of bizarre.

Me and my friend discussed the theory that Finn Wolfhard just ignored the script and just changed all his lines to be swearing and bragging about his wang.

Because I accidentally hit post earlier, I’ll quickly include this in this edit. A pretty interesting look at the development period of the film in four parts.


yeah the grown up bit is definitely less substantial and nowhere near as interesting. in fact a lot of it won’t even need filming, e.g., the phonecalls were the plot trigger for the childhood flashbacks so they don’t need to be in now, nor do the journeys back to derry, so i’m curious what they could fill 2 hours with.

i’d like to see maybe a creepy opening sequence retelling the story of how the original derry settlers all disappeared in the 1700s, reveal it to be part of a lecture mike is giving about derry history (make him a teacher or something in this version). then we transition to a random kid being snuffed in a horrifying way, mike reads about it in the paper, maybe there’s a message in blood next to the body saying “come home come home” like in the book. mike’s all “oh shit, it’s back baby.” but like you say, i don’t know how they’d make the six phone calls remotely cinematic apart from stan’s suicide. might reread the book to see if i can help the screenwriters somehow.

it would be pretty sweet to have the derry interludes as mockumentaries on the DVD imho.


agree with that about the jump scares. there were so many creepy, chilling images the blaring orchestral jump scares got a bit much at times. the only other :man_facepalming: moment for me was the bit when IT is clinging to the side of the well, dying, and goes, “fear…” just as it falls there’s the whole EEEEEEKKKKK orchestral blast and i was like FFS.