A New Nightmare - The Rolling Horror Thread 2016 Reborn


Wrote quite a big reply the other day saying why I thought it was rubbish but realised it made me sound a bit joyless so deleted it.


I noticed that as well. To be honest, probably not a bad thing to cut some of Richie’s lines as he was annoying as fuck in the book, but they should’ve kept a couple of those lines in there just to make Pennywise’s line land better.


Watched last night, Turbo Kid

Set in a retro post-apocalyptic ‘future’ of 1997, this pushes the 80s cheese to the max with BMX’s, comics, viewfinders and the obligatory synth soundtrack. Uses the old 1980s Dr Who trick of filming in a quarry to make everything look sc-fi. Doesn’t take itself seriously at any stage, although still manages to deliver lashings of highly comical gore. All the cast give it their max, but Michael Ironside is the star as the scenery chewing bad guy. DVD cover declares this to be ‘Mad Max on a BMX’, and it would make a good double bill with Dead End Drive In mentioned a few times ^upthread. 7/10


Loved Turbokid. Way better than Dead End Drive In, but maybe because it’s more knowing because it’s more recent. Dedi seemed a half arsed distopian effort mostly based in a carpark.


Anyone here seen mother! ? Went to see it last night; if I said I enjoyed I’d be worried that y’all might view me as some kind of weirdo, but as a cinematic experience to be appreciated and admired, it’s pretty intense. Definitely best to know as little as possible going in. It’s refreshing to see films like this getting major releases, I’ve seen comparisons to Von Trier’s Antichrist and that’s not too far off the mark: plays like a nightmare committed to celluloid. Definitely worth seeing if you seek out confrontational cinema…


Watched ‘Lights Out’ last night. Had been looking forward to this for some time, as I really enjoyed the short film it was based on. Really, really enjoyed this – probably the most genuinely scared I’ve been during a horror film for some time. Tons of really well done scares and the whole premise is super-creepy. And while it’s not quite up there with the likes of the Babadook, I appreciated the fact that it wasn’t just an exercise in jump scares and could arguably be read as a comment on the devastation severe depression can bring to families. The cast are all likeable and the ending worked for me. Plus, I’d recommend checking out the deleted scenes as one is an epilogue that really deserves to be seen. I can understand why it was cut from the film, as it nearly derails things by steering the film into a scenario reminiscent of the endings of A Nightmare on Elm Street or It Follows, but there’s no doubt that it includes even more scares. All in all, a really effective film, that had me leaning back into the sofa dreading the next jolt. I hear that there’s a sequel coming out at some point and I just hope they manage to keep what made this special and not just launch into a mindless, cash-grab franchise. Highly recommended.


The short film is excellent; one of the very few genuinely frightening things I have seen in the past few years.


Totally agree; was utterly unprepared for how effective the short film would be and probably enjoyed it even more because of that. Such a simple but terrifying concept. Reminiscent of the Weeping Angels from Dr Who…


I went to see It last night and was kind of underwhelmed. I’m not sure exactly what I was expecting and I think that might have been part of the problem – I didn’t have any burning desire to see it and went along out of some weird horror fan-boy sense of duty. There was definitely stuff to enjoy – the cast is pretty much excellent across the board and the opening scenes with Georgie and Pennywise in the sewer set up expectations for a level of violence that’s surprisingly brutal. After a while though, it felt like a fairly generic modern Hollywood horror film. Jump scare every 5 minutes or so, LOUD music amplifying the scares, etc. It might just be that the film suffered by me seeing it too soon after several films that I really enjoyed (mother!, 10 Cloverfield Lane, Lights Out…) and also some familiarity with the story meant that there wasn’t much here to be surprised by. Ultimately, for a film that felt like it was trying really hard to be scary, it felt like it ran out of ideas on how to scare its audience pretty quickly and there was none of the creeping dread that most of my favourite horror films contain. Far from a bad film, but a good reminder not to let myself get sucked in by hype…


Interesting that you liked mother!, being the resident horror guru n all! I saw it today and liked it too actually, hence I’m avoiding the debate on the other thread about it!




Feel free to share any mother! love you have here. The main reason I posted about it here was because I felt like I might be run out of town if I said anything nice about it on the other thread… Such a powerful film, keep thinking about it a lot, which I can’t imagine will be true of It…


Have you seen this: http://bloody-disgusting.com/editorials/3460023/childs-play-greatest-horror-movie-franchise/


Why ‘Child’s Play’ is the Greatest Horror Movie Franchise of All - Bloody Disgustinghttp://bloody-disgusting.com/editorials/3460023/childs-play-greatest-horror-movie-franchise/

There is no doubt that Chucky (or Charles Lee Ray, if you want to get technical) sits on the pantheon of iconic cinema killers we absolutely can’t get enough of. Along with Michael Myers, Freddy Krueger, Leatherface, Jason Voorhees, Hannibal Lecter and many others, Chucky is a character that will never stay dormant for too […]


Nice linking as ever :+1:

I pretty much agree with the article - for better or for worse, Michael, Jason and Freddy all went to shit at various points. Child’s Play has always stayed true to its vision and yet always tried something new with each film :hocho:


Well I really liked the sense of non-specific dread throughout (in the same way as I like Eraserhead, for example). I thought the acting was good and the cinematography & use of surround sound to create this creepy circular swirling nightmare was great. Didn’t find it confusing or overly art-housey or offensive, just thought it was pretty solid if not exactly reinventing the wheel.


And I’m a massive horror fan/ long-time lurker in this thread so I should probably get more involved! Just finished reading The Loney too, which I think someone recommended up thread


That would have been me :+1: What did you think?


I liked it overall, genuinely creepy stuff. I probably felt it was a bit too descriptive of the general scenery and there was a bit too much God-stuff for me though (particularly towards the end). There wasn’t much pay-off/ a few loose threads were left too but I guess that’s partly a compliment to the subtlety of it. May read again one day!


Glad to know the linking fucked up again - at least I’m reliable. :blush:

I’m sure I’ve harped on about it elsewhere here, but when it comes to franchises it’s Phantasm all the way for me. I should definitely give the Child’s Play films a go at some point; I guess it’s a case of there always being so much to watch that it’s hard to imagine them ever being top of my list…


I’d pretty much agree with all this. I don’t think it’s a masterpiece by any means, but at least he’s trying. I’ve been doing a fair amount of reading about the film since I saw it and I will say that I’m ashamed to say that all the Biblical stuff completely passed me by. I was kind of saddened to realise that I’m so unobservant a viewer. Having said that, I do think DA could have done a better job with his subtext. He’s on record as saying this is a film about the way we treat the planet and I just don’t think there’s enough in the film to support such a reading without doing a fair amount of digging. Still, definitely one of the most astonishing experiences I’ve had at the cinema in a long time, if not the best film in and of itself. And I love the fact that it’s proving to be as controversial as it is. You read about how people used to riot at the cinema in the 60s if they didn’t like what was being shown and I can imagine this being exactly the kind of film that would have provoked such strong reactions back in the day…