A New Nightmare - The Rolling Horror Thread 2016 Reborn


Going to see John Carpenter perform on Halloween - am ridiculously excited.


Not got any specific cinema plans, but on a related subject I know a bunch of hardcore horror aficionados who attempt Shocktober each year - watching 31 horror films in the month of October. Suspect that my girlfriend would leave me if I tried to impose that on her...


I remember the scarabs burrowing under people's skin being pretty terrifying as a child. this


Good thissing :+1:

But yes, I think I remembered it more as a family friendly adventure caper - it definitely isn't...


And you often never know what's going to freak them out until it's too late. A couple of years back we sat down to watch World Without End, a really cheesy low-budget 50s sci-fi flick. I'd watched it myself first to make sure it was OK, and other than the potential danger of falling asleep halfway through, and some alarmingly short mini-skirts, it seemed OK. 10 minutes in some mutant humans showed up and my son's in tears and I feel terrible... :slight_smile:


Yeah, there's no way my wife would be down with this... :slight_smile:

Funnily enough, Fangoria posted something about this recently: http://www.fangoria.com/new/got-what-it-takes-heres-our-october-31-for-31-horror-movie-challenge/


Got What It Takes? Here's Our October "31 FOR 31" Horror Movie Challenge!http://www.fangoria.com/new/got-what-it-takes-heres-our-october-31-for-31-horror-movie-challenge/


Good list - a pleasing selection of classic and modern and both scary and shlocky (which is what Halloween is all about really).

On a related topic, the new-ish documentary about Brian DePalma has been getting some fairly positive reviews:


My favourite Stephen King adaptations...

1) The Shining
2) Salem's Lot
3) Creepshow
4) Misery
5) The Dead Zone
6) Carrie
7) The Mist
8) Cat's Eye
9) Creepshow 2
10) The Night Flier


Totally forgot Creepshow! That's a classic, without a doubt. I remember buying a big-box VHS of that from the local newsagent when I was about 13 or so. Didn't know too much about it and the box didn't give much away. That cockroach section has to be one of the grossest scenes I've seen in any film - creeps me out just thinking about it...


Lovely stuff. The Raft chapter from the second Creepshow freaks me out to this day - I always think about that if I'm open water swimming anywhere.

Apparently there was a Creepshow III a few years back - 0% rating on Rotten Tomatoes, so sounds good...



no love for Christine?


I re-watched that for the first time in a long time earlier this year - it was not as good as I had remembered tbh tbf...


Off to see Friday the 13th Part VI: Jason Lives tonight. My local horror movie night is putting on a 30th anniversary screening, complete with an appearance by Kerry Noonan, who played Paula in the movie. Apparently she now teaches at a college in the town where I live, so should be fun to hear her reminisce about her days as a scream queen. This is definitely one of my favourites in the series, doesn’t take itself too seriously and just feels fresher than some of the other installments. Here’s a trailer:


Curtain is on Horror channel tonight

daft good fun that, I'd recommend it


Is that this by a different name?



Curtainly is


That'll be a collective 'no' then?




Yeah, sorry dude. I've seen almost all of those and the ones I haven't...well, you know.


Haha, no problem. How do you know that the ones you haven't seen are terrible? Killer Car is terrible, i'll give you that...


I'm going to be honest - I took a guess with Asylum Erotica, Alyce, Monster Man, Pathology and Catacombs...