A New Nightmare - The Rolling Horror Thread 2016 Reborn


Do @SloameOcean et al have any horror soundtracks in their record collections? I love the It Follows soundtrack and have a couple of other “classics” too e.g. Psycho


Not as many as I’d like - the two I listen to the most are probably The Wicker Man and Phantasm. Also got a lot of love for Halloween and Suspiria and have been meaning to get the It Follows one ever since I saw it as I was blown away by the music. A few movies I’ve bought recently have come with soundtracks which is always a nice bonus particularly when the music is by Goblin: https://severin-films.com/shop/necro-bundle/


Finally got round to watching The Conjuring 2 last night. Thought the first one was a decent stab at mainstream horror but couldn’t quite get along with this one probably because I knew something of the backstory and the general consensus that it was bullshit. Nice period detail, but the size of the house interior did my head in. Also, this horror universe that they are building around this with Annabelle and now the demon nun just reeks of a money grab. Harumph.


I’ll probably get to this at some point this year. The first one was decent enough - very efficient at doing what it set out to do but it didn’t linger in my mind too long after the credits rolled. I’ve not seen the Annabelle films and don’t really have any interest in doing so, especially as the first one’s supposed to be shit. My cynical side tends to be fairly dismissive of this type of modern horror film that feels like it was created by committee following a very standardized recipe. Mind you - the first Conjuring film definitely had moments that scared the fuck out of me, so maybe I should just shut up…


Anybody seen ‘I Am Not A Serial Killer’ ? Just watched and really enjoyed it. I didn’t know much about it apart from Christopher Lloyd being in a major role. Quite slow for an hour, but good dread/uncertainty. Unexpected ending too, which is a plus. Recommended for fans of off kilter stuff.


I have! Enjoyed it very much too - my thoughts from ^upthread below…

Watched last night, I Am Not A Serial Killer

Nice indie flick that comes across as a cross between Slacker and Dexter (Sexter?). Features a frighteningly old looking Christopher Lloyd in a fairly creepy role, and also the kid from Where The Wild Things Are (Max Records - amazing name) as a full grown adult and that British actress who played Lydia in Breaking Bad. The story/approach is fairly unusual and for a low budget film features some innovative creature design. Pleasingly weird and unsettling. 8/10


Ah, yes. I knew i’d read someone remarking on Max Record’s name. On point description there. The walking the streets at night reminded me of, um, A Girl Walks Alone At Night. Loved the extra element the balaclava brought to the later scenes too.


With October nearly upon us, what are folk’s plans for the spookiest month of the year? I probably won’t be watching too much at home as I’ve got a house-guest that I can’t imagine will wanna spend too much time watching the likes of Fulci et al… Nevertheless a local cinema is showing some cool stuff:

Will definitely check out Poltergeist as it’s been years since I last saw that and am up for Motel Hell too as I’ve never seen it. How about the rest of you?


For SHOCKTOBER* I will not be watching a horror flick every day as the thinly veiled would disown/member me. If you were planning on doing so however, Buzzfeed no less have a remarkably solid list of suggestions:

Venue near me (the lush Rivoli Ballroom) has a good selection of horror classics in the run up to Halloween:

Rivoli A

The Shining might be the pick of the bunch atmosphere-wise given that The Rivoli interior actually looks like The Overlook Hotel…

Rivolii C

[*Note: the 31 SLAYS of October is also acceptable…]


That is a very fine list of films and I can imagine you’d need a long lie-down in November if that’s how you spent your October. Weird that Freaks is on there as I’m literally planning on getting it on DVD this weekend. One of those classics I’ve never seen - various things have brought me to it: a love of classic horror, an interest in the films of Tod Browning, it’s influence on Jodorowsky’s Santa Sangre and just its reputation as a really fucked-up film… Ah, October…


It’s great, and the story behind it is surprisingly moving. I bought it on VHS about 20 years ago and it was such a notorious film but one which was virtually impossible to see back then…


One of us. One of us.


That’s a great list, only a couple I haven’t seen, read a few decent things about Banshee Chapter recently so will watch that this month. And i’ll finally get around to watching Audition. I bought the bluray but fear watching it. That summary of Martyrs is EXACTLY my thoughts on it.


TV and I are going to try and watch a horror / spooky movie every night, she hasn’t seen many of the classics so have Rosemary’s Baby, Exorcist etc with some newer stuff like Innkeepers planned in. And our annual rewatch of the first ten Treehouse Of Horror episodes!

What’s everyone doing similar got lined up?


Confession - I actually had to stop the DVD of Martyrs when I was watching it during the final torture sequence as I felt I could see where it was going and couldn’t bring myself to watch it. Forwarded about 5 minutes or so and picked up from there. That’s probably the only reason I would revisit it and definitely the only time I’ve ever done that while watching a film…


Started the Halloween countdown early with the Omen. That soundtrack! Those deaths! Gregory Peck! Absolutely wonderful, particularly the creeping sense of hopeless dread in the second half. The TV had never seen it and found it incredibly creepy.


I love that film so much, definitely in my top 10. It seems to get unfairly written off in comparison to other, similar films that came out at the same time, but for me, it’s one of those rare horror films that gets to me every time I watch it. Probably has a lot to do with originally seeing it when I was far too young to be watching such films - think I got as far as the nanny’s death scene at the beginning of the film and fled the room. Love it…


Ha, that’s exactly how I feel about the Exorcist! Watched it way too young and the double tracked voices still get me.


One day in to SHOCKTOBER, one film down…


Oops, pushed reply too soon…

The Devil’s Candy - finally a sophomore picture from Sean Byrne who gave us The Loved Ones aaaages ago. Was fairly psyched for this as a) The Loved Ones is great (if you haven’t already seen it, that would be one of my top tips for SHOCKTOBER) and b) it has a heavy metal theme running throughout it. Annoyingly, found it slightly disappointing unfortunately. Many elements of it are great, but it’s telling that the theatrical cut of 79 minutes is 11 minutes shorter than the version that did the film festivals. This is really noticeable - there are definitely elements of the story that feel that they have been truncated or just don’t go anywhere. Also, it’s sat on the shelf for two years awaiting release so this has studio tampering written all over it. That said, on the plus side it has some nicely original elements and is shot brilliantly with some pleasingly creepy imagery. The real star however is the music, with Sunn O))) providing the main ‘theme’ music and the soundtrack featuring the likes of Metallica, Slayer, Pantera, Queens Of The Stone Age and PJ Harvey (which presumably didn’t come cheap). Decent enough, but feels like a missed opportunity to do something really special. 6/10