A New Nightmare - The Rolling Horror Thread 2016 Reborn


Sad to hear you didn’t like this, as The Loved Ones is one of my absolute favourites of recent years and I was looking forward to whatever he did next… Any recommendations for heavy-metal horror movies that are worth checking out?


DEATHGASM :metal::metal::metal:


As if it wasn’t challenging enough, I’m attempting an alphabetical a-z. I know they’ll be days where there is no chance of watching a film, plus it narrows down the daily choice. Going on the unwatched dvds in the front room and my imdb watchlist for the most part. Will revisit some classics when i’m struggling for a letter. Started well!
A is for Audition. One of those films i’ve feared watching, and it kept me on tenterhooks ( I kinda knew what was coming) God, her face when she is doing that thing to him… 8.
B is for Banshee Chapter. I liked this a lot, good set up and dread heavy. Only a couple of annoying moments. 7.
I rate most films 6,7 or 8, don’t judge me.


That is indeed dedication to the cause :hushed: :+1:

Audition is great isn’t it - that classic J-horror set up of being deliberately slow and boring in the first half and then genuinely upsetting in the second half.

Anyway, two days of SHOCKTOBER down and two films done for me (that run is going to come to an end tonight unfortunately) - Gerald’s Game…

The book came out when I was at my teenage horror reading peak and I absolutely loved it. A quarter of a century later and most of it is still seared into my psyche, so it was interesting to see just how accurately Mike Flanagan has adapted it for the big/small screen, albeit with a couple of ingenious enhancements. As a primarily single location, two person narrative the film relies largely on the performances of Carla Gugino as Jessie and Bruce Greenwood as the titular Gerald and they are both excellent. The direction is pleasingly unfussy and the film largely unscored. There aren’t really any traditional jump scares, more just general dread, but the gore, when it arrives, is genuinely eye wincing. After a great 80 minutes or so the film is let down by a slightly disappointing epilogue, but again it’s completely faithful to the book finale so blame the source material I guess. After a couple of mis-steps with Ouija: Origin Of Evil and Before I Wake, it’s good to see Mike Flanagan back on track. Thanks for the tip @TKC. 7/10


You guys are kicking my butt in terms of films watched in SHOCKTOBER. House-guest preventing any horror watching getting done. Still, am off to see Poltergeist tonight, which I’m excited to see and I started reading The Boy on the Bridge on Sunday, so I guess that’s something. I definitely need to re-watch Audition at some point as I don’t remember being as impressed by it as I apparently should have been. Hey @Shimmetry - are you gonna be watching only films you’ve never seen before or do you plan to find to find time for some classics in there?


Will be mostly new to me, will only rely on old favourites or recent -I liked it so I bought it- dvds when the alphabet is proving problematic. I’d better choose a ‘c’ for tonight, haven’t got one in mind yet.


Just had a look in the cupboard, tonight’s film will be Chaw, a korean monster movie I picked up last week.


Just IMDB-ed this. Man-eating boar, huh? Can’t beat a good killer pig movie. Let us know your thoughts…


SHOCKTOBER started for me last night with a screening of Poltergeist. I’d only seen this once before last night, when I was quite young and remember it being a fairly terrifying experience. Just goes to show how some things should remain memories. I hate to trash a movie that seems to have a pretty dedicated fan base, but this just really didn’t do it for me. We’re probably all aware of the ‘controversy’ about who really directed the film, Tobe Hooper or Steven Spielberg, but this certainly plays way more like a Spielberg movie than something you’d expect from the guy that made TCM. (Mind you, Hooper never really came close to matching the ferocity of that film in any of his other works…). It’s an enjoyable enough film I guess, with some spooky moments, but it all felt pretty dated, the music reminded me of ‘It’ in that it milks every possible scene for as much drama/sentimentality that it can and the special effects haven’t aged well. I think one of the central problems is that none of the characters ever feel like they’re truly endangered by what’s happening in the house – it’s all just a bit too PG… Admittedly, it does get pretty intense toward the ending, but by then it all felt like too little, too late.


The local drive in is doing double bill halloween classics during October. Sometimes classic is stretching it a bit, but gonna watch Universal Dracula and Frankenstein on Friday (although Frankenstein was on Svengoolie a couple of weeks ago, so still very fresh). Next week is Scream & Scream 2. Week after that is Paranorman and another movie for the kids (not gonna bother) and the last week is a Stephen King double bill of Carrie and Misery.

Also probably gonna watch Misery on stage at some point this month.

A spooktacular month. (Already watched Hocus Pocus)


If you’ve not seen Paranorman, it’s well worth checking out, surprisingly creepy at times for a kids movie. This is going to be the movie I watch with my wife and son on Halloween itself…


Chaw was great fun. More of a horror comedy than a horror, but some of my favourite horrors are comedies too. Great characters too, man I love Korean cinema.


Yay for Paranorman. Would make a good double bill with Frankenweenie.


Undecided on my ‘D’ film, but looks like it will be a re-watch.
In contention;
Day of the Dead
Dawn of the Dead
Donnie Darko
Dead and Buried


And Deathgasm! :guitar:


We watched Frankenweenie for Halloween last year!


Dawn and Day are both absolute classics, slightly prefer Dawn personally. I think I’d probably go with Dead and Buried though - it’s not a perfect film by any means, but it does what it does really well, I love the misty atmosphere of it and Jack Albertson’s great in it… Hope you don’t mind some unsolicited advice…


You’ve seen Train to Busan, right?


Brilliant film!!


My favourite film of 2016!