A New Nightmare - The Rolling Horror Thread 2016 Reborn


Guess which two DVDs I picked up second hand for the kids for Halloween today?


I’m assuming it’s not A Nightmare on Elm Street & The Woman in Black…


You assume…correctly :unamused:


Just a warning that my son got upset when the dog in Frankenweenie gets run over, didn’t mind that he was brought back to life!


What ‘D’ movie did you end up going with?


DEATHGASM! Loved it all over again. The ‘killing Auntie with a chainsaw and dildos’ scene was a highlight. It was on the tivo so it was the easiest to fire up too.


I love that film so much…




E is for Exorcist 3. Never seen this before, I’m hoping to get F in tonight too because I’m off to see Shellac tomorrow.


That’s a fucking awesome film, I think you’re gonna like it.

What’s F going to be?


Wow, proper old school horror. I did indeed love it! The wife came in half way through and got totally drawn in, she was quite literally on the edge of her seat. So intense.
Thinking Friday 13th part 2. I’ve heard it’s the best of the sequels.


Just watched Videodrome for the first time :+1:t3:


That’s a great film, rewatched earlier this year after not seeing it for 15-20 years, so good. Friday the 13th part 2, which I just watched, was bog standard.


Going to see ghost stories later at lff.

Don’t know to much more about it.


I saw the stage version of that years ago - it was great :+1:


I’ve never understood all the love for F13 part 2, to me it’s definitely one of the lesser sequels. The final girl is certainly very resourceful, but beyond that I’ve never found much to like in it. I’ll take the trashy charm of part V or the humour of part 6… Still I’m impressed that you’re 6 for 6 so far… Keep it up!


Watched last night, first two episodes of Channel Zero: The No-End House…

As per my 10/10 review ^upthread, I massively enjoyed the first series of this:

Two episodes in, this hasn’t grabbed me in quite the same way, but there is no doubt that it is still creepy as fuck. Visually it’s very impressive and the idea is pleasingly off the wall. Amy Forsyth who I’ve only seen in A Christmas Horror Story previously is good as the lead, and John Carrol Lynch is also main cast and he’s been good in everything I’ve ever seen him in (best in Zodiac* natch). Intrigued to see how the story is going to play out…

[*strong contender for number 26 @Shimmetry maybe?]


Defo, top film. Was thinking Zombieland but warched it fairly recently.


It was so average, I at least expected creative kills. Doesn’t encourage me to watch any more of the sequels. I was in New York when Jason Takes Manhattan came out and considered going to see it in a fleapit but thought better of it, New York was pretty rough back then.


IMHO: 3’s worth seeing in 3D. 4 is widely regarded as the best of the sequels, but I re-watched it recently and Crispin Glover’s character really grates. Tom Savini’s FX are pretty spectacular though and Corey Feldman is fun. Part 5 jumps the shark in a big way but I love it because it’s so ridiculous. I might be the only person that feels that way, though. Part 6 is my favourite of the sequels, it’s a lot more light-hearted than the others and genuinely funny at times. 7 is OK, it at least tries to do something different with the story. I’ve never seen 8 all the way through and it’s been too long since I saw the others for me to really have an opinion.

These films are, of course, by an objective standards, shite - but they will always hold a special place in my heart because they’re what I grew up watching. And the first is an absolute classic…

What are you watching for G?