A New Nightmare - The Rolling Horror Thread 2016 Reborn


The film is very underwhelming. Not sure what I was expecting. Not as unnerving as I hoped. More like a feature length BBC show. A couple of jump scares.


Well that is disappointing to hear…


I went for Gothika because it was the first thing that came into my head and I remembered enjoying it 10 years ago. First two thirds are interesting enough but it all went a bit standard in the end. Two duffers in a row, gonna have to do a Halloween tomorrow, but which one?


SEASON OF THE WITCH :+1::+1::+1:


My thoughts too. :clown_face::smiling_imp::skull:


Seconded. Or thirded?


Season of the Witch was fun enough. I remembered a fair bit of it even though I hadn’t seen it for years. Also watched Shutter Island and Cat’s Eye on Saturday but they don’t count in the alphabet obviously. Both good, both seen before.
‘I’ had been on my watch list for a couple of years, I Saw the Devil. Wow. Lead guy from Oldboy vs lead guy from A Bittersweet Life. Brutal at times but a fascinating film.


Managed a couple more instalments to non-alphabetical SHOCKTOBER over the weekend…

The Transfiguration - something of a mash-up of Kids and Martin* (which it specifically references) this was an interesting addition to the vampire lore canon. The two teen leads are engaging and believable and the direction languid and unfussy. The gore is genuinely shocking when it occurs however, largely because it is presented in such an every day fashion. Builds to a well handled conclusion too. 8/10

Curse Of Chucky - having recently watched and enjoyed Cult Of Chucky, it made sense to check out the one instalment in the franchise which I’d missed. As I mentioned ^upthread, one of the reasons for the longevity of the Child’s Play films is that although they all exist in the same framework, each one does something different. This is no different with an addition to the story that ties directly back to the origin of the first film. Curse Of Chucky is the first introduction of Fiona Dourif to her old man’s series, and she is great in this. 7/10


^This is a great film :+1:

*Martin is easily my favourite George A Romero film. Fuck zombies…


My SHOCKTOBER is rapidly becoming SUCKTOBER. Presence of house-guest is making at-home movie-watching pretty much impossible. Had planned to watch Fulci’s Don’t Torture A Duckling (best title ever?) on Saturday night, but those plans fell apart. All I’ve got to show recently is listening to an installment from a Tales from Beyond the Pale collection I got earlier this year. This was British and Proud by Simon Rumley. A pleasingly unpleasant little story; one of those stories where you pretty much know how things are going to end but where the enjoyment comes from the inevitability of it all. Also working my way through the prequel to The Girl With All The Gifts, The Boy On The Bridge – really enjoying this. It’s a fun world to revisit and Mike Carey’s rapidly becoming one of my favourite modern writers. And that’s pretty much it. Unless you count my son blasting his CD of Bobby ‘Boris’ Pickett’s The Original Monster Mash album – tons of fun, that.


Just looked this up - sounds good :+1:

If we’re talking Simon Rumley, then another opportunity to plug one of my favourite films of recent years, Red, White & Blue. Noah Taylor is terrifying in this…


TFBTP is definitely worth checking out. It’s Larry Fessenden’s baby and he does an intro and outro for each installment. I’ve only found the time to listen to a few of these so far, but I’m a sucker for audio horror and these work well…

Not seen Red, White and Blue, but I’ve heard good things about it…


Noah Taylor is always worth a watch, was surprised to see him in a recent Dutch horror The Windmill Massacre. Fairly standard set up, but with Noah Taylor.


J was for Ju-On The Grudge, still creepy as fuck. As the wife went to bed I watched Hell House LLC from that buzzfeed list in this thread. About as good as handheld/found footage gets. How I’ve never heard of this before is ridiculous. As good as The Poughkeepsie Tapes, and that’s very good.


Watching Ju-On reminded me of the first two times I watched The Ring and fell asleep. Both times I woke up as Sadako is coming out of the tv, I swear to baby jeezus. :anguished:


Last night’s SHOCKTOBER instalment, Raw

This had been on my watchlist for awhile after all the hype about folk fainting during screenings (sceptical tbh tbf). The cannibalism story is novel, and the setting in a French university complete with some serious hazing is interesting. The cinematography is really nice and inventive throughout. The two female leads are both great, and along with a female writer/director this passes the Bechdel Test with flying colours (I’m looking at you, Bladerunner 2). While maybe not fainting worthy, the scenes of cannibalism are certainly visceral and unflinching. I’ve not been a massive of the ‘New French Extreme’ overall, but Raw is both original/expertly crafted and shocking film-making. 8/10


I’m really looking forward to seeing this. Definitely up there in my list of must-sees from this year. Glad to hear you liked it…



Absolute mega film, my favourite of the year so far.

The relationship between the sisters is absolutely spot on.


Definitely a film I will revisit in the future :+1: Was thinking of giving it a 9/10…


Rue Morgue giving away download of cool synthy horror goodness: