A New Nightmare - The Rolling Horror Thread 2016 Reborn


Killer Klowns from Outer Space. Despite someone having their head punched off, this wasn’t horror. If you have clownophobia it is no doubt terrifying.
Life. Enjoyed this, I’ve heard it has its detractors. The alien, Calvin, is horrifying in its progress and unpredictability. Jake G. Is ace in everything anyway. I was convinced for half the film that Danny John Jules and Isabella Rosellini were two of the main characters. They aren’t.
M then?


Coulrophobia apparently.


Friend of mine starred in a movie called Clownstrophobia: http://www.imdb.com/title/tt1569933/?ref_=nv_sr_1

It was very bad…


Oh boy. Looking at the director’s other films, there is a trailer for one of them called ‘Bongo : Killer Clown.’ Except at the end of the trailer it has ‘Killer : Bongo Clown.’ in big letters. The director has also written the summary where she mentions herself in the third person about how she has ‘a good story’ followed by some words that make no sense. Amazing these films exist.


Reminds me of this guy who was in the ‘Worst film you’ve never seen.’ Thread. Neil Breen, what an imbecile. http://www.imdb.com/name/nm3718935/


I genuinely wanted to like this when I watched it and I feel like, on the whole, I’m pretty easy to please. But this was just awful. I felt really bad for my friend because I think they were hoping this would be their big break. I can only imagine that the two people that gave it 10/10 on IMDB are either very closely related to the director or are the director…

What are you watching for ‘M’?


I’ve not planned ahead so far, but have realised I really should so have theses pencilled in:
Manos the hands of Fate
Subject to change because I have seen 5 of these and would like to see more new to me. Suggestions welcome!


Q the Winged Serpent.


For N, you could do one of the Nightmare on Elm Street films, if you’re up for a re-watch. 1 and 3 always for do it for me… Or Night of the Living Dead, if you want a true classic… For V, you could do either Dreyer’s Vampyr or if you want something a bit sleazier, Vampyres… For W I’m gonna have to say What Have You Done to Solange?, because it’s one of my favourite giallos… And for Y, I’d re-watch You’re Next in a heartbeat…

So there you go. Please now ignore all this advice and surprise us with some totally random choices…


Watched last night, after the review ^upthread by @Shimmetry, Hell House LLC

I’ve mellowed to found footage after the initial post-Blair Witch explosion. For horror makers it offers a low budget, immersive style that can deliver the technical aspects and misdirection of classic horror relatively easily, HH LLC is a good example of how inventively it can be used too, with most of the dread being delivered by classic low lighting, enclosed spaces and disturbing mannequins in shadows. This has a relatively slow set up, which serves to introduce the main characters who are believable as a group of friends. The second half really delivers in terms of scares though, and the final 15 minutes is genuinely unsettling. Would make a great double bill with the awesome The Houses That October Built (which sadly has a critically panned sequel out any day now). Shame about that film title though. 8/10


Phew, as much as I enjoy a film i’m sometimes anxious that somebody who takes that recommendation will be ‘wtf mate, are you mental?’ It is a cracker, and your reviews always hit the mark.


I have Vampyres on dvd. :innocent: Some great shouts there otherwise. As per usual with me and big horror franchises I’m not familiar with the Freddy films, though I have seen some of them over the years.


If you’re looking for an O alternative, Outpost is genuinely one of my favourite horror films.


Zodiac is so good


Somehow not seen that, and I have seen The Orphanage before so cheers!


Watched Bloodsucking Bastards last night, it was essentially Office Space but with vampires. Surprisingly enjoyable - good balance of dumb comedy and gore.


For any LME horror aficionados, there’s a screening of Zodiac at The Prince Charles Cinema on Tuesday next week:


I’m on stupid holiday :frowning_face:


M was for Manos the Hands of Fate. Often spoken of as one of the worst films ever made, Imwatched it in the MST3K version, thank goodness. That made it worthwhile. Fun spotting the appalling continuity at times.
N for Noroi: The Curse. Oh my god. Presented as the findings of a paranormal investigator, this is an incredible piece of work. It’s on youtube. https://youtu.be/aO4IktVcxyY


Ghost tour tonight. One of the stops is where I work. Interesting to find out what spooky shit has happened to other people there. I know one ghost story and the story of who is meant to haunt the house.