A New Nightmare - The Rolling Horror Thread 2016 Reborn


Alyce is alright and Monster Man is good fun- it’s about a monster truck, what’s not to like?


Sounds like a shit version of Killing Car tbh tbf…


Asylum Erotica - not the most common coupling of words…


Monster Man directed by the bloke who did 'Shoot ‘em Up’ with Clive wotsit. Killing Car directed by Jean Rollin, though you wouldn’t think so.


Found out what’s showing in my neck of the woods (Burlington, Vermont, if anyone’s making a transatlantic flight soon) in October and I am now officially excited. The Green Mountain Gore Society (!!!) is gonna be responsible for screenings of Scream, The Haunting and Creepshow the first 3 weeks in October and then on October 25 we are getting the original Phantasm (the JJ Abrams remastered version) and the new Phantasm: Ravager. Frankly, I’m fucking ecstatic… I’m a huge Phantasm Phan and had been hoping that I’d get to see the new one at the cinema and it looks like I will… (My delight was only magnified when I first completely misread the date for the screening and thought that I was going to be out of town at some work-related thing. Walked around work all day like a loved one had died and then rechecked the schedule before leaving work only to discover my mistake – what a fucking relief!!!)


I live in Derby, and every year they put on a thing called DEAD AND BREAKFAST - an all night horror marathon for Halloween.

I’ve not been yet, but this year might be my year, because just bloody look at the bloody lineup:



That is a cool line-up. I know it’s a pretty crap film but I’d love to see Freddy’s Dead in 3D. Also pretty excited to see The Devil’s Candy when it’s more widely available - Sean Byrne’s The Loved Ones is definitely one of my favourite horrors of the past 10 years…


I watched last night, quite enjoyable though bizarre that nobody actually had a shower in the film.:cold_sweat:


Y’all should check out the latest Faculty of Horror podcast:


It’s all about ‘Films of the New French Extremity’ and they focus specific attention on Calvaire and Martyrs…


early notices on Devils Candy are making me lower my expectations a bit. still worth a watch i’d say.


looks intriguing


anyone seen either of the following:

  • the invitation
  • the sacrament
    will be watching them soonish. I don’t like ti west but feel obligated to watch all of his movies for some reason. it stars joe swanberg and amy seimetz as well. christ. the invitation was directed by karyn kusama who made aeon flux and jennifer’s body, but is supposedly good? hmm


I’ve seen both. I’m not a fan of The Sacrament, though I know a few on here are. The fact that it was based on a true story but it isn’t acknowledged really rankled with me. I prefered The Invitation, thought the tension was kept up, the mystery wasn’t too oblique and the final scene was worthwhile.


Just been to see this, really good. There was some blurb about it being best Britocalyptic horror since 28 Days Later but is so much better than that. Really tense, contained film that does a lot with what was probably not that massive a budget - reminded me of Children of Men in terms of the atmosphere and production quality.


the Sacrament is essentially the Jim Jones story isn’t it?


Yep, pretty much. I have to say I really enjoyed it. This was a case for me where knowing a bit about what to expect probably worked in the film’s favour as you know it’s only a matter of time before all hell breaks loose, and when it does, I found it really disturbing. The ending feels a little rushed, but everything before that worked for me…


big fan of both. The Sacrament does feature a lot of the mumblecore crowd but i like those actors (Seimetz, AJ Bowen) and it’s probably a big part of why i like the film (so maybe you won’t so much). I like the way the escalating dread is done, it’s effective. i didn’t know much about it going in…again, probably a good thing. Also the song they play over the opening credits had me on board straight away!

The Invitation is ace, really liked it. don’t want to say too much apart from thumbs up. quite poignant in its way


cool, sounds ace!


She’s a killer…


Everyone go and see Under the Shadow.