A New Nightmare - The Rolling Horror Thread 2016 Reborn


is Howl the one on a train? really enjoyed that.


Yep and this festival are screening it literally on a train. Gonna be so much fun!


haha no way! yeah that's really good. have you seen The Descent? the main actress from that is in it.


Watched first episode of new season Ash Vs Evil Dead last night - it is so so groovy to have it back. Gore, one liners, heads coming off - all that good stuff, plus Ash's dad! Laughed more in the first five minutes of this than in the whole run of, say, Making A Murderer.

Was thinking about where they might take the storyline this series, but then realised that in three films and one TV show they've actually not really taken it anywhere aside from some location changes. If it ain't broke...


Off to see a 20th anniversary screening of Scream tonight. Should be good. Don’t think I’ve seen this since it first came out, at a cinema in Aberystwyth back in 1996, I’m guessing…

With this under my belt tonight, I'll be 3 for 4 for the month of October with Phantasm watched on Sunday, Vampyr last night and Scream tonight - doubt I'll be able to keep that pace up though...


I watched that for the first time since it came out at about this time last year. It is unsurprisingly somewhat dated, but maybe mainly because of just how many subsequent films it influenced. Still hugely enjoyable though...

I've not got going on films for October yet due to a combination of being on holiday and finishing off Fortitude/starting Ash Vs Evil Dead. Have got the thinly veiled on board with The Babadook, The Voices, It Follows, Warm Bodies and Life After Beth at least but will have to go solo on some of my more...spicy choices.

Did you watch the new 4k version of Phantasm?


I want to hear more about the spicy choices! [:blush:]

Watched Phantasm at home in preparation for going to see the new movie later in the month (it's being shown on a double with the remastered original...) Plan to watch the rest of the series throughout October so they're fresh in my mind when I see the new one. Such a nerd...


A friend of mine saw that double bill the other day. If you're already a fan, you'll have a great time :+1:



Watched last night, Hush.

This was good - a neat spin on the home invasion genre. Cast is minimal (four and a cat) and it is single setting and occurs in real time with no soundtrack. Only 80 minutes long too so very streamlined overall. However, as with Mike Flannagan's other films he takes a clever idea and makes the very most of it on a small budget ($1m).

Kate Siegel (the director's wife and co-writer of the film) is excellent as the protagonist. If you've seen the poster for this, you'll already know what kind of villain she's up against but this is given a neat spin. In fact the whole first half of the film features some unconventional takes on what is quite a well trodden path. The final third is slightly more traditional peril, but you are still left unsure as to how it will end pretty much up until the last breath. 8/10


I was so very disappointed by The Doll Master (my own fault, I literally judged it by its cover).


Going to see The Void at the film fest next week. Looks pretty great. Looks like something Sam Neill should be in.

Also Noonday Witch and A Dark Song, both on Saturday. How long til Babadook comparisons stop?


Really enjoyed the screening of Scream last night - crowd was really into it, shouting at the screen when characters did something ridiculous and jumping in all the right places. It does feel a bit dated (crazy that cell phones were so uncommon in 1996 that owning one could have you pinned as a killer...), but still feels quite fresh in places. Taken on its own merits and ignoring the slew of imitators that came after, I really rate this film. Next week: The Haunting...


As per this thread...

...anyone else going for a Halloween avatar for the month of Shocktober?

Quite pleased with mine :jack_o_lantern:


PHenomena by Argento is on Mubi


Update on wot I did watch.
Mostly horror channel on the tivo;
Landmine Goes Click. Creative writing, shock ending 7/10
The Spiral aka Ring 2. The disowned sequel where just being in the presence of the tape sends you to your death. Alright. 6/10
Forget Me Not. Nice twist on the standard ghoul seeks revenge on teens who done her wrong. 6.5/10
Curtain, as pushed by TKC. Quirky and likeable. 6/10
Mine Games. Pleasingly interesting take on timeloop horror. 7/10
Virgin Witch. The waitress from Allo Allo and her sister get their tits out for some Witches. Usual Redemption type disappointment 5/10.
The Taking of Deborah Logan. Was concerned the alzheimers angle might be too exploitative, but this was pretty gripping. Turned a bit standard fare towards the end, but recommended. 7.5/10.
Halfway through the original The Town That Dreaded Sundown but youtube has stalled on me. Fabulous cinematography, beautiful period feeling. Heading for an 8/10 unless it balls up the ending.
Not horror, but Miss Peregrine's Home for Peculiar Children is a major return to form for Tim Burton. And skeletons with swords battling invisible monsters is a good thing in my book. Plus Eva Green. 8/10


We talked a bit about Landmine Goes Click on the old forum (RIP in pieces :skull:) The structure is so unusual and the ending (and midway ending) are both fairly upsetting.

Might try and revisit The Town That Dreaded Sundown if I get a chance this month...


Dont bother, ita dull.

Mine Games is really good, do like that un


Oops misread the bit about the oriiginal


Hope you get to see the end of The Town that Dreaded Sundown. Watched it for the first time myself earlier this year and enjoyed it. Very much of its time - felt like I was watching an adults-only version of the Dukes of Hazzard at times, very unusual comedy inserts in places...


Just picked up on the trailer for Get Out. It looks very good: