A New Nightmare - The Rolling Horror Thread 2016 Reborn


yeah this sounds really intriguing, not watching the trailer as i've heard it shows too much stuff (don't they all)


Yup, I tread very carefully with trailers. The one for Don't Breathe earlier this year was essentially a three minute summary of the whole film.

Decent article on why trailers are so spoiler heavy here:



First ever viewing of A Tale of Two Sisters last night, wow. Korean horrors and thrillers are ace. Love The Chaser, The Host, Bedevilled, Oldboy, Hansel & Gretel. Looking forward to The Wailing and Train to Busan. Still not seen I Saw the Devil, what others should I put on the list?




Korea certainly has put out some quality stuff over the past decade or so. Would also recommend Memories Of Murder, Sympathy For Mr Vengeance, Sympathy For Lady Vengeance, A Bittersweet Life and Thirst :+1:


Been aware of the Vengeance films for years but I don't recall seeing them. I didn't like Thirst when I saw it a few years ago, but don't recall why. The other two have gone on the list, cheers.
I rewatched eXistenZ last night, so good. Everybody loves Cronenberg, right?


The two Vengeance films are both aces :blue_heart:

I saw eXistenZ at the cinema when it came out and have actually not watched it since - probably worth revisiting (especially as I have a ridiculously large crush on Jennifer Jason Leigh)...


These are all terrific. Memories of Murder and Thirst especially.


I's not seen it in 15 years, so much better than I remembered and so far ahead of its time. I'd completely forgotten the ending even though I could recall most of the first half. Thanks brain. JeJaLe (maybe not a thing) is bewitching in it.


Watched last night, Maggie...

I’ll address the elephant in the room, or to give him his proper name Arnold Schwarzenegger, first. This has been touted as his first dramatic role proper, and he also produced the film so you assume he was quite keen to take on something a bit different to the rest of his CV. In fairness his dramatic acting doesn't amount to much as he barely has any lines and spends most of the film staring grimly into the middle distance. That said, he certainly has a certain presence on screen, and even approaching 70 the man is still an absolute unit. Having grown up with pretty much a Schwarzenegger blockbuster per year for much of my youth, watching this made me realise that essentially he was playing the same film version of himself in all of those films. In this, there is no explanation of why a mid-western farmer would have such an incredibly strong Austrian accent for example. He's not exactly bad, but he doesn't really bring anything to the table like, say, Viggo Mortensen did in the similarly themed The Road.

However, on the plus side, this film is absolutely anchored by Abigail Breslin who is superb throughout. She manages to be emotionally vulnerable and genuinely scary with equal aplomb when necessary and this is pretty much a dream role for a young actress as she is on screen for 80% of the run time. The setting is similar to the aforementioned The Road or The Walking Dead, and the film is shot in that super grimy light that is popular for post-apocalyptic stuff. The story is a new take on the zombie routine, so if you wanted lots of zombies/lots of kills this is definitely not for you. In fact, not that much really happens over the 90 minutes and it's really more of a character study of the eponymous Maggie and dealing with grief/bereavement with a general zombie backdrop. Overall, enjoyed it primarily for the main character stuff. 6/10


Also watched last night, the latest episode of Ash Vs Evil Dead.

Love how these are about 27 minutes long minus the ads, so you can stick one on and just get a power download of gore and gags finished off with a nice slice of 70s chugging rock.

This episode had an awesomely great battle between Ash and an intestine. I get the impression that to be a cast member on this show, you would have to have a fairly good sense of humour to being in the makeup chair for long stretches of time...


Just watched the first twi episodes of season two Ash Vs Evil Dead. Continuing the good work, though the asshole scene dived into the shittier side... a little bt less of the fecal Lee Evans would make me happier.


So, college boy eh?


That's gone over my head. I imagine it's a quote I should know...


It's a not particularly relevant Simpsons quote - I was just impressed at your high brow aspirations for AvED :grinning:

Homer: [as Marge goes into labor] Step aside. I'll deliver this baby.
Dr. Hibbert: Uh, why don't you let me handle it, Homer?
Homer: Oh, college boy, eh?
[Squares up to Dr. Hibbert]
Marge: Homer, for God's sakes, let him deliver the baby!


Time for a list? Everyone likes lists don't they - as such, here's two from Paste Magazine (both in actual single page list form rather than a dozen click through pages, thank the devil).

Top 100 vampire films - bias towards the classic era, but also highlights just how much you can do with the genre:

Top 50 zombie films - I would usually say that I'm not that much of a zombie fan, but the number of films on here that I love suggests there might be more affection there than I at first thought:

Also, as ever, anyone who hasn't watched Pontypool yet should watch Pontypool...


@whiterussian or whoever, is the original evil dead film scary these days? film club i go to is showing it and i wanna know if i'm out of my depth, not really a horror person


It's genuinely creepy, but not gory or brutal in the way that a lot of modern horror is. Damn good fun though.

To give it the girlfriend test, my girlfriend can watch it and she's pretty weak...


Watched Phantasm II the other night - great fun. This is the one where they actually had some money, and it shows. Definitely feels a lot glossier than the others in the series. Trade-off was that they had to lose A. Michael Baldwin as Mike, but tbh, it's not that great a loss as James Le Gros is more than up for it as his replacement. Getting more and more pumped by the day for the screening of Ravager I'm going to on October 25...

... In the meantime, I'm off to see The Haunting tonight. This may be my all-time favourite horror film. It's one that I can go back to endlessly and which always scares me. If you haven't seen it and enjoy haunted house films, you should check it out ASAP...


I haven't seen it in a while, but the thing that always got me with The Evil Dead is that it's just so fucking relentless. Once the horror starts, it doesn't stop and things just get more insane with every scene. With the right audience, I would imagine it would be really cool...