A New Nightmare - The Rolling Horror Thread 2016 Reborn


It's a comedy horror film. It's brilliant to watch in a crowd.


The thing that freaks me out is when the girlfriend is sat on the floor singing ring a ring a roses or something with an insane grin on her face. The tree rape is gross of course. If you aren't a horror fan I couldn't say 'yeah, you'll be fine.' My wife is still haunted by it 35 years on, it's the reason she won't watch horror.


I love zombies, but have never really thought of myself as much of a vampire fan - just like you, this list proves me wrong as I love: Nosferatu, Dracula (31) and the Spanish version, Vampyr, Horror of Dracula, A Girl Walks Home Alone at Night, Only Lovers Left Alive and many others on this list. If you've never seen Valerie and her Week of Wonders, you should...

Some nice movies on the zombie list too: nice to see Rec keep featuring on this type of list, if only because it reminds me that I really need to watch it again (pity about the rest of the series...). I'd agree with the recommendation for Pontypool - anyone read the book it's based on, been meaning to give it a whirl? Also, check out Let Sleeping Corpses Lie, if you've never seen it. aka The Living Dead at Manchester Morgue, this is a near-perfect low-key 70s euro-zombie slice of heaven... Hell, I even enjoyed World War Z...


I'm fine with all the blood, it was when the prince albert and the shit came into play....


@shrewbie - I concur with what @marckee said. Not very scary despite some jump moments etc.


"The girlfriend test"? Is this a thing?

Sincerely, girl horror fan


I went to see Guns N Roses at Wembley Stadium back in the 90s and inbetween bands they played Evil Dead 2 on the big screens. Went down a storm with 80,000 people, particularly the eyeball swallow I seem to recall...


It is in our house - it's how which horror films we watch is decided...


speaking of books that movies are based on (i haven't btw) has anyone read the book that The Ruins was based on? i thought it was a pretty decent film, but the book is supposed to be much more compelling and graphic


It's on this list...



i'm a big fan of the Dawn of the Dead remake, nice to see it so high. very uncool to like i think, and obviously it doesn't have the nuance of the original, but as popcorn horror it's top drawer. that intro with Johnny Cash is awesome as well, one of my all-time favourite opening credits


Watched last night, The Purge: Election Year

This is pretty much more of the same as Purge Anarchy, with most of the action taking place on the streets rather than the more indoor setting of the original, only with added VIP peril (Juliet from Lost) while Sarge returns to be pleasingly grizzly and waste chumps. There is an added political/racial/class element added to the lore of the purge, and the ending leaves it open for another instalment although it is unclear where they could take the story from here despite the wild profitability of the franchise to date. Some decent action, neat costume design, grainy cinematography and another John Carpenter channelling score from Nathan Whitehead make this an efficient watch but there’s not much new really. Timing is obviously good with the actual election year taking place, and the idea of a real purge is only mildly more distasteful to sitting through the final Clinton/Trump debate. 6/10


That's a good zombie list, a few of my favourite ever films in there. vampires, not so much.


watched Train to Busan last night

pretty good


Forgot to mention, good use of Bowie's 'I'm afraid of Americans' as the closing credits music in Purge3...


Been trying to watch a horror / Halloween film for every day in October, going away at the end of the month so started a bit early and am on number 21 now.

Last night watched Slither for the first time since it came out. Had forgotten how much fun it was, a gross, gory tribute to classic 80s splatter and body horror movies. Nathan Fillon might be one of the most instantly likeable actors ever.


I went to see Under the Shadow today. it was really good, actually, by far the best ghost thing I've seen for ages. way, way better than, say, the Babadook or whatever. there were a few too many jump scares (although I did genuinely liked the window/hand one) and I have some other minor gripes, but yeah, it was good.


Watched last night…Paranormal Activity 3.

Although starting in the modern day, this quickly jumps back to 1988 (although you wouldn’t necessarily know this if it wasn’t stated on screen - the film doesn’t go a particularly long way to making this feel like a period piece) and serves as a prequel to the first two films in the trilogy.

It is somewhat more polished than the original, which is not surprising as this one was made on a budget of $5m vs the twenty quid that the first one had, but still goes easy on the CGI and relies more on practical FX which is pleasing. A piece of ingenuity gets around the static fixed camera approach of the original, and there are a couple of great set piece scares. The two child leads manage that trickiest of things in horror films of not being extremely annoying, and the adult cast all look suitably terrified when required.

As a prequel, this serves to set up the lore seen in the first two films, although I"m not sure to what extent the whole arc was thought about prior to the wild success of the original film. Nonetheless, there is some decent backstory including the obligatory scene of reading a book on demons and witchcraft from the library. 7/10


I’ve genuinely enjoy all the PA movies I’ve seen, which is just the first 4. It seems like it became fashionable to bash them after everyone decided they hated found-footage, and it probably didn’t help their cause that their release schedule was so relentless. But for me, the first one’s an absolute classic, the 3rd one’s not far behind and 2 and 4 definitely have some terrifying moments. May end up getting the whole set on DVD at some point to re-watch the first ones and see 5 and 6.

If you like paranormal stuff, you should check out the Black Tapes podcast: http://theblacktapespodcast.com/


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Came across this via the latest issue of Rue Morgue which has a sample of the 25 best horror podcasts. Admittedly, I’ve only checked out the first two episodes, but I’m already hooked and I can’t imagine it nose-diving. Definitely worth spending some time with this Halloween…


So American Horror Story:My Raonoke Nightmare…only ever managed to get through two seasons because they are generally pretty bad to begin with and get worse. This one started ok-ish…again. A bit more focused. Not just throwing everything in, in the hope something will stick, as if written on a weekly basis, in an attempt to get a story arc. But nah, ultimately it’s fucking garbage.