A new rolling thread where we talk about something we know nothing about but as if we're actually an expert on the subject. First up: Cars

Smart move mate, bet they charged you an arm and a leg for that though eh?

Have you checked down the back of the sofa?

I’ll look. I’ll need to jack it up first.

haha, you are NOT wrong about that

they changed the pollen filter and replaced my wiper blades at the same time. Hope it makes it through the next service. Bit worried about the brake discs.

Is it me or do the brake discs seem to be getting more and more flimsy these days? Used to be you could trust a brand like Nissan to make a brake disc that lasts you a few MOTs. May as well use glass these days!

Been going downhill since ABS came in m8. Nissers were always a bit mid-table on brake discs, but deffo shit these days.

I stick to KIA now, cheap to service and good part-ex deals. But it’s true what they say about KIA and central locking.


I’m in the market for a new wheelobeel. Jez has been prattling on about the new X6 for as long as I can remember now but I’m not sure it’s gonna cut the mustard tearing up the M83 on the daily doodle. Also, do I look like someone who washes my own salad? Pre-washed, something the X6 certainly can’t say.

So… Anyone here got any recommendations?

I’m looking for something that’ll do 0 to 60 with enough shift to trounce the hoolaps on a Sunday but it doesn’t need to tear a hole open in time-space. Lippy bought a Ravo 6 a couple of months ago, but he’s had to take it back to the garage so many times his wife is starting to think he’s having an affair! More likely to fuck the exhaust though knowing Lippy L.O.L. Anyway, I’m a sucker for in flight navigation so it’ll definitely need to be prensin compliant and might thighs are 94cm in diameter so it’ll need some serious acreage on the seats (leather natch.)

Come on DiS hivemind, help a chap out!


new SRI-2 sounds right up your street, chap

it shifts but it’s more bond than boy racer. Rooney’s got a custom one ordered.


i once changed the front AND rear windscreen wipers on my car, does that make me too qualified to participate in this thread?

Thanks for the recco s.p.

Didn’t I read in Car Cart CAR CAR monthly something about the SRI-2 not being Y2K20 compliant though?

You’ve got a crack in your CV boot cover, we had to change it £136

FFS, that’s JUST an AIRFLOW issue and besides if you get the SRI-2p model, it doesn’t even HAVE it

Sorry, these Fhoosi haters just wind me up. Like the H-90A is any better? That doesn’t even have 4-gauge steering. Pricks.


alRIGHT alRIGHT point taken point taken! As long as it’s not a Phrenom, amiright?

I can’t even begin to imagine drigin a car without 4-gauge steering nowadays, what is this, the middle ages???

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Think it depends if they worked afterwards.

Could you imagine?! :laughing:

“Hi guys, my indicators are so big I look like I’m driving a pelican crossing”


car-wise, this all seems like appropriate cars!


Clutch has gone the day I’m meant to be getting an MOT, typical isn’t it? Might just get a new car altogether. Was having a look at that new 1 series, but reckon the insurance will be ridiculous on it. Saw a CXV for well cheap the other week, they can go up to 200 miles per hour. Madness.

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they work perfectly, which i point out to my wife every single time she uses them and she definitely does not find this annoying.

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