A New Running Thread for 2016

Thought I’d kick this off.

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How’s the running going? I’m still finding it way too hot and humid to fully relax out there, but the half-marathon training has gone pretty well, after a sluggish couple of months, although the hockey season kicked off last week, so that will eat into how much time I can spend solely running.

I’ve got the Ealing Half Marathon in just over two weeks: http://www.ealinghalfmarathon.com/

I’ve signed up for the Buntingford Year End 10 that takes place just after Christmas http://www.roystonrunners.co.uk/races-and-events/club-races/buntingford-10/

and I’m waiting to hear back on the London Marathon place.

How about everyone else?

Yeah, I’m not enjoying this heat, running later in the day (6ish) hasn’t been much fun.

I’ve been looking for another half to run but the rugby season and my commitment to reffing makes it difficult to commit to a Sunday until May. I’ve been working on my 5Ks and hammering a few park runs which has finally resulted in a couple of sub 20 minute runs (last weeks run featured a domestic between one runner and a Marshall at the 4km mark).

Your training has been going well judging by Strava, do you have a target in mind or just see how it goes on the day? I reckon there’s a sub 1.50 or even 1.45 in you.

Haven’t done anything since the Great Newham Run and subsequent ingrowing toenail. I’m extremely annoyed at myself for getting out of the habit and now we’re pretty much in crunch at work. Need to motivate myself to go for a run or two next week if possible or it’ll be game over until the New Year.

I am aiming for a sub-1.45. I did it last year in 1.48, and my PB is 1.45.58, at Hackney last year. Every single Half Marathon that I’ve run has ended up being hot and sunny, so hopefully this one will be my first cool one.

Training is going alright - I’ve only really kicked on in the past month though, but it seems to be paying off. Last night’s run home was the most enjoyable, relaxed and loose it’s ever felt, and I felt comfortable going 10s/km faster than I’ve ever run the 13K route before.

I’m in a similar boat to you regarding finding runs to do during the hockey season. I play all of my matches on a Saturday, but there’s no way that I can play on one day and then run the next morning. It’s one of the reasons why we’re doing the Year End 10 - the season breaks for Christmas, freeing up a couple of weekends.

Just doing 5kms now and sometimes some shorter faster runs - trying not to get injured again really
i really want to buy these bad boys

i meet start doing some longer runs up the hills round lewes as i miss the views - just going at lunch at the moment around where i work which isn’t vry inspiring, but i need to watch my achillies tendon and i think ome concentrated hills might fuck it up again

i really liek running in the stupid heat - going out in the midday sun - hard work,but i actually enjoy getting stupidly hot, and i am looking forward to my times suddenly getting a lot better when we get some cooler days!

Just back from a lunch run. Nice to get out and feel the carbon monoxide in my hair.

Just bought myself some Hilly TwinSkin socks.Half price for AW2105 ones in this sale: https://www.sportsshoes.com/product/hil134/hilly-twin-skin-classic-running-socks-~-aw15/

Doing the Macclesfield half in a couple of week’s time. Training’s going well, and tend to run in the morning so generally miss the heat.

I’m new here btw, Might join the Strava group if that’s OK?

Of course it’s okay!



Still on short runs (not done 5 miles on a run since picking up again the other month) so stamina is still bad, particularly with this weather, but the pace is coming back slowly - yesterday I nailed my fastest 6x400m session in about two years.

Need to start building up the miles now - was 51 last month so aiming for 60+ this one and may look to return to the local park run next month so see how the work’s really going.

Motivation this month is coming from the Olympics and Adharanand Finn’s books.

I’m in!

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I did my final long run (20k) last night, before the half marathon next weekend, and I just took delivery of my new twinskin running socks and 2in1 shorts.

An interval session on Saturday and then one, maybe two short, easy runs during next week and that should be it.

I got locked in Victoria Park last night and had to jump the fence. That was fun.

Good luck with that. Don’t go too hard on your intervals. I usually go with about a 10 day taper for a half to guarantee I’m recovered. (He says not having raced in 4 and a half years)

Hope it goes well!

I’m planning on doing my first run since the Great Newham Run on Saturday, it’s going to be hellish

I’m only planning on doing an easy interval session, and that’s only because my hockey match on Saturday has been postponed.

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Fingers crossed the actual half isn’t as eventful as that last run!

I kind of hope it is that eventful - would make for a good race report! (Sorry @marckee)

Need to hammer the running to keep the black dog at/preferably far away from the door.
Ran 10k yesterday for the first time in ages (usually run a slightly shorter but much hillier route) - might sign up for a half but are there any on later in the year? Hope I haven’t missed the boat for signups…

Autumn evening runs coming up, too. Oh man those sunsets.

Should be quite a few, depending on what part of the country you’re in. If you’re running 10K at the moment, I’d give yourself about 6-8 weeks to build up to 21K, so look for one around November:

Thanks dude - signed up for the Vitality half next February just now…

I used to run half-marathons fairly regularly when I lived in Mexico as they closed one of the main roads every Sunday and I’d run off a hangover, but back then I worked from home and had no other obligations, and it was really nice weather all the time. This one will be much harder!