A New Running Thread for 2017

Hello runners, happy new year! Presumably a bunch of people have running-related resolutions or just some goals for 2017. Let’s talk #running.

NB I just joined the DiS Strava club, maybe you should too - Club | DiS Runners on Strava

first marathon in Manchester in April. Targeting 3:30 for it so yeah, running a lot. Not today though cause hangover obviously

Hi all.

3:30 for your first marathon Aggpass? That’ll be a decent effort, good luck. What do you run for the half?

I’m planning on running a lot this year. Got a half in mid-Feb, then one or two marathons in June/July, and maybe another marathon in October. Will be trying to break 3:30 in one of the marathons (current best is 3:42). The others I’ll take easy.

Also working on streak running - running every day (at least a mile). One of my running buddies ran every day last year, so I reckon it’s doable. I’m at 4 days so far :smiley:

Running the Manchester marathon as well in April. Did it in 3:44 last year so the goal is to beat that. Also have a half lined up for Feb.

Are people training for marathons following a specific plan? I didn’t last year, and just gradually increased my long runs. Thinking of following the Lucozade 8 min mile one this year.

I like Jeff Gaudette’s ones, available on Runkeeper for free (I think you need to be registered). I followed his 4 hour and 3:45 plans, and basically hit those times exactly. He has a 3:30 one as well, which I’ll be using this year.

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Yeah I’m sort of vaguely following the Lucozade plan but vaguely is the operative word. Just trying to run every so often and chuck a big run in every now and then. Probably going to run a really shit time :hugging:

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I’ve literally joined your club this year. I usaually use Endomondo but I found a service that will sync the data between the two https://tapiriik.com/

Cheers for the tip, I’ll check those out.

Yep, reckon I’ll end up following the schedule for the long runs and just do what I can fit in in the week.

I liked that the Lucozade plan has some pace variations in the long runs and some ideas for faster sessions for the week.

Been terrible over Xmas! Oh well - backo N it tomorrow


  • up to 15k for my long run by the middle of Feb

  • sub 20 5km by the end of the year

That’s it!

did a half in training the other day in 1:46 but that was just after the christmas blowout so reckon I’ve got a 1:40 half in me atm. Will obvs need to up the training to do 3:30 but it’s a target innit. @imipolex what half are you doing in feb, need to get signed up for one

I’m doing the Stockport trail half. It’s a local race (I think there were 350 people last year) along a trail and canal path. It’s just down the road from where I live and is on one of my usual long run routes.

It’s on 26th Feb so fits in well for April marathon training. Here’s the link if you’re interested…

All sounded good until the date, I’m in Berlin that weekend.

I guess Berlin beats running along a canal towpath in Stockport :wink:

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London Marathon is the big target for me. It’ll be my first marathon (and first time that I’ve run over half-marathon distance). The training has been going pretty well - I had a rough patch in December due to going away and work being very busy, but I seem to have settled back into it.

I did the Buntingford Year End 10 last Tuesday. It was excellent - good course, well organised, plus it showed that my training seems to be working.

Re. marathon training plans: I’m using a bit of a blend of different ones, tailored to suit my other commitments (hockey) and my knees and ankles. Like most training plans it has:

  • one long SLOW run a week, of gradually increasing mileage,
  • one tempo (comfortably hard) run a week,
  • one interval session a week (I use hockey for this - you could use five-a-side football or similar)
  • recovery days after hard sessions (very slow, short runs or low-intensity non-impact activities like swimming or cycling)
  • rest days (no activity at all)

And then the overall intensity/distance of each week builds and then steps back in a three-week cycle.

Also, here’s a link to last year’s thread, for ease of reference. It includes discussions on training plans, training using heart rate monitors etc:

Any decent watches in the sales or anything. Have always turned my nose up at them a bit but need to do paced training runs and I’m shit at running to any set pace other than fast 5k and threshold long distance pace, so might pick one up

I’ve got one of these which does the job and is currently £40 off on Amazon


Does that show your pace?

Yeah, you can set it to show split time over a km or a mile and adjust accordingly, is that what you meant?

yeah that’s what I need, does it/can it sync up to strava?