A New Running Thread for 2017

Aye, it syncs to Strava but doesn’t actually map the run or elevation like the Strava app itself does which is a minor pain. It has it’s own app as well which is fairly detailed

hmm, might have a look at this https://www.amazon.co.uk/TomTom-Sports-GPS-Runner-Watch/dp/B00D7LN7K4/ref=sr_1_1?ie=UTF8&qid=1483526828&sr=8-1&keywords=strava+watch

I picked up one of those when my Garmin died. The new Garmins only seem to display two things at a time and I’d been used to having pace, distance and time available plus it was about £70 when I bought it.

Syncs with the TomTom app on your phone and then sends the data to Strava avoiding the need to plug it in to a computer to upload any runs.

I have the updated version of this watch and I like it a lot. I have the Cardio version which has a heart rate monitor on the back too, which I’ve found to be accurate enough for my needs.

As @chadders says, the TomTom app works well and syncs to Strava really easily.

Review of it here:

Looks like you can get it for under £100 here, too:


Hello, friends. Talk to me about running jackets for when it’s fucking cold, is this sort of thing good:

Depends how hot or cold you get while running. Personally, I can’t wear anything more than a t-shirt and shorts plus gloves without getting too uncomfortably hot, even in sub-zero temperatures.

Many people swear by the windbreaker-type of jacket, rather than one that’s lined, as the latter is too warm once you get moving. Steer clear of anything that will absorb rain or mist as you run through it - it’ll get heavy and freeze on you.

Either way, aim for something breathable, but also consider getting something reflective if you’re going to be running in the dark during this part of the year.

Dunno, I just layer up. Baselayer, Running T and and old Hoody or an Asics yellow sweat if its that cold, beanie at a push. I did get a Inov8 jacket to keep the moisture out but that offers no warmth at all.

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Cheers pal, I tend to have been ok in shorts and t-shirt so far but I’ve not been out in anything like as cold as it’s been the last couple of days and am planning on starting my runs to/from work as of next week so I’m thinking a jacket will be smart (particularly so I have something to wear on the non-run leg of each day as well in fairness)

I normally wear tights and a longsleeve running top https://www.decathlon.co.uk/eliofeel-running-jersey-id_8367690.html and that’s been fine in all temperatures this year.

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n.b. - this is for slower training runs. For parkruns and quicker runs I just do t-shirt and shorts whatever the weather

Orthotics: do I really need to schedule an appointment with some chump to get these, or is it fine to buy off the shelf?

Go to a Sweatshop and get them to make some custom ones for you, they’ve honestly made an enormous difference to my post-run pain/discomfort. Worth paying for IMO.

Reckon one of these would do me for the most part but the requirement to have a jacket with me for the non-run leg of my journey as led to me going for a lightweight Adidas thing that looked good, will be good for a bit of extra warmth when running in the cold and will double up as being worn in lieu of a proper jacket for when I’m walking to/from the station depending on if I’ve run to/from work in the morning/afternoon innit.

I am continuing with my HIIT classes where you do like 7/8 mins on the treadmill x 3 doing various sprints and hill sprints and endurance stuff.
My teacher has said I’m looking so much fitter on the treadmills now and I can really notice my recovering is insanely quick. Even if I sprint for 30 seconds on like 17kpm, I can get my breath back so quickly whilst running slowly and then go again.

Does anyone else have a problem with sensitivity in their arms when they run though?
I feel like i lose circulation there? and my arms feel weak/heavy and a little tingly???

Nice work Meo. I do not experience the arms thing you’re describing there though, reckon you should ask a professional person about it as it sounds like a potential circulation issue innit, ask a doctor or yr teacher innit.

It’s only when I start running. The rest of the time it’s ok.

Also I still have a problem with my breasts being too big to run but that’s a problem i’m not going to solve with you guys help.

Maybe it’s just your arms getting used to the extra blood pumping a bit harder or something? That sounds medically sound right?

I get very achey arms/shoulders after a long run. find it helps to let your arms go a bit floppy and give them a shake every 5 mins or so while running


yeah sounds reasonable. Seems a lot of dosh though, might be worth hunting for something similar in the sales