A New Running Thread for 2017


missed my sunday long run the week before cause I was in Berlin so pushed that on to the tuesday. That's not a standard week


much respect. how's the legs?


not too fucked, weirdly. Playing a casual 5-a-side tonight which should stop them from tightening up too much hopefully


Physio tomorrow on my calf, so let's talk calf guards and compression....anyone?


Ran my first ever half marathon on Saturday morning - made it round in 2 hours 17 minutes which was slightly ahead of target so pretty pleased with it. Quads are still tight as anything 2 days later though, does anyone have any tips for helping them recover?


Nice one! Best thing to do is some light exercise imo, a swim or a light 2-3km jog or a spin on a cycling machine/bike



Also, use a foam roller after every run, and if your legs are sore, once in the evening and once in the morning.

Also: well done!


I bought some calf sleeves/compression socks or whatever they're called when i was trying to get rid of shin splints but don't use them anymore. There's very little evidence they actually do anything and even then it's wearing them after rather than during exercise where any benefit is seen. I find foam rolling to be by far the most effective thing for reducing stiffness in my calves and preventing shin splints.


If that's the case I may as well just stick some running tights on after I've been out then. Cheers.


I should always put the disclaimer in most posts this is what I found after reading a few articles like this for example:

I haven't done extensive research and it could be there's a amzing new study showing compression socks prevent all possible injuries ever.


Bit torn for the marathon whether to take my bumbag or not. Would mean i can pack extra gels, maybe a change of t-shirt, maybe music, maybe some solid food.
but would also mean extra weight, and less comfort, and they have gel stops on the way round. Hmmmmm


Thanks! I was afraid you were going to say that, but I suppose a gentle lap of the park isn't going to kill me...

@marckee is there a roller you'd recommend? I know nothing about them or how to use them. If it helps, I'm fairly big (6 foot 2, about 15 and a half stone), so I imagine I'd need something fairly sturdy.


It depends where and when they have the water/gel stops and what gels they have (i.e. whether they're ones that your stomach can cope with).

Do you usually run with music anyway? Don't forget that there will be crowds and bands by the side of the road, so you might want to soak up the atmosphere.


Check what gels they have and make sure you can stomach them on the run before going with that option. Nothing worse than trying something new for the first time on race day and discovering it gives you stomach cramps.


they have the same gels I use, but I'd ideally want to be able to take them when/where I want rather than being scheduled.

And yeah if I take music it'll be quiet to get the crowd buzz, but it's 3:30+ running and I don't know how dense the crowd will be around the course. @imipolex might know?


High density foam ones tend to last about a year of regular use, before they go soft, but if you're going to use it fairly infrequently, then they're a good cheap alternative to the more expensive 'tube' types.

I can't remember what brand we have. It's a high density foam one and it seems to have lasted okay though.


or the shits...


It's Manchester, right? There's a section, maybe the 3rd quarter, where there's hardly any crowd. The first half, and the end, there's good crowd support, including plenty of kids with sweets.

Personally I'd want my own gels, and definitely my own music. I wouldn't be fussed about a change of t-shirt but that's me (and remember if you think you're going to change your shirt, then put your race number on your shorts).


Like @infinite_jest says, there's a section in the second half (I think through Carrington) where there's basically no crowd so if you usually run with music could be good to bring it for then.

I'd take your own gels. I remember it being a bit of a jostle to get to some water stations because of the volume of runners, to the point where I skipped some of them. I think the stations with gels are 10k apart so if you miss one it's a long time before you get another chance.


thanks both, Gels and the greatest hits of Kate Tempest it is, then