A New Running Thread for 2017


For the “tube” style, I can recommend a Triggerpoint Grid. I got one on a sale a couple of years ago and it’s bloody good. Just need to remember to actually use the damn thing!


Or the shits…

Like what @marckee said.


I was wondering a similar thing (re: whether to carry some stuff with me) - I’ve been running in a cycling jersey lately so I can carry stuff in the back pockets, so I’ll probably just do that so I can take music, carry a bunch of dates, generally enjoy myself on the leisurely 3 and half/4 hour run.


Oh and look like a massive wanker


Realised how crap the GPS is on my phone when it records the exact same route as anywhere between 5.4 and 7 km! Might have to get a GPS watch so. I’ve now signed up for a 6.5k next month and a 10k in May.


Watches are a lot more accurate, if you’re looking for something reasonably priced I got this off ebay and it works really well http://www.ebay.co.uk/itm/TomTom-Runner-GPS-Sports-Running-Watch-Graphical-Training-Partner-Dark-Grey-/121832217173?hash=item1c5dc41a55:g:bZIAAOSwfVpYvaGp

good luck with the runs


see I was kind of thinking of getting a smart watch with GPS instead so I can use it to control my music/podcasts too - is that still not going to be as accurate? Something like this


no idea when it comes to smart watches, I’d guess the quality varies so if you look through reviews you should be able to find one that’s pretty good


I think the problem with using a phone is that if it can’t get a good GPS fix it’ll try to estimate your position based on mobile & wifi signals. That’s when things get super inaccurate. I guess it depends if the watch has it’s own GPS, or if it’s still using the phone to do the tracking.

I think it might have been mentioned upthread already, but this guy does great GPS watch reviews: https://www.dcrainmaker.com/


Urgh, just did a 22 miler into work with a bag this morning. Not looking forward to the rest of the day!

That’s going to be my last major long run before the marathon. Do the other April marathoners have any more big ones lined up?


20 miles tomorrow then I start tapering down


22 miles in two weeks, before I start my taper. (marathon is on the 23rd)


That 18k the other week was definitely too much too soon, just went for a run hoping to do 10k and shin splints struck. Fucking agony, cut it down to 5k and called that it.

Treatment tips anyone?


Just did a PB 10k of 46:09. Woop.


Ice and rest


That’s what i feared :disappointed:

Hopefully a good solid fortnight off or so will be ok given I’ve got the Hackney Half at the end of next month. Not ideal…


I feel your pain…had a calf injury that seems to of cleared up only to replaced by shin splints. Only managed one 5k plod in last 3 weeks. Bah!


Was worried about my knee but didn’t see the shin looming up on me. Such a pain in the arse.


That’ll be your glutes :wink:


18 days away from the marathon, got a shooting pain that’s going from the base of my little toe, through the outside of my ankle and up my calf when I run.

  • see a physio
  • take a few days off
  • push through, take some painkillers if necessary, get it checked after the marathon if it’s still bad

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