A New Running Thread for 2017


You’re in your taper already, I assume, so you’re easing off anyway. Rest it, ice it and don’t play any football or anything. It could just be the kind of thing that flares up when your training peaks and goes away with a bit of rest and won’t come back.

Give it a week and see how it feels. Don’t overtrain in the last two weeks.


In my taper but my schedule still has 6 runs a week, just shorter and slower runs. Gunna go out tonight and go really slow and see if it flares up


Where did you get your training plan from? That sounds like a pretty intensive taper, tbh.


yeah right, 6 runs a week on a taper? be interested to see that plan too.


Unable to find it atm but I’ve got it printed out at home. It’s been guide rather than gospel for me anyway cause of football, but it’s an Asics one


Wait, I’m an idiot, Fridays and Mondays are both rest days. 5 runs, not 6


Still sounds a lot to me. How often have you been running during the main training period (if you include football as an interval session)?


about 60km across 4/5 runs per week plus one game of football, as an average


So one day of rest per week? That’s reasonable if you started with a really solid base, but maybe the intensity has just caused this niggle.

One thing I have noticed (if you’ve been uploading everything to Strava), is that you’re running everything at pretty much the same pace. You really need to make sure that your long runs are slow and that your recovery runs are even slower.

You’re not going to add any fitness during your taper, so maybe cut it back to 3 runs a week and see how it goes?


Yeah, I’d definitely agree with this. Better to ease off for a couple of days than to try and push through it and injuring yourself for the marathon.


yeah I’m really bad for getting bored during slow runs and going too quick (5:15/km instead of 5:40 or something).

Also living in the middle of sheffield makes pacing an utter ballache cause every run is uphill on the way out and downhill on the way back (to some extent)


Maybe try pacing by heart rate, rather than speed.

Ideally, your long runs should be at least a minute a mile (40s/km) slower than your planned race pace, and your recovery runs should be 90s a mile slower (1m/km), and about 80% of all your mileage should be at those paces.


I’ve been using this as a guide, with my week consisting of one long run, one tempo run, one interval session (hockey match), and one or two recovery runs:


(plug your own numbers in there to get the HR zones)


I’m awful at pacing, i’d say that’s my one main barrier to training effectively. always tend to start out way too quick and then be impatient and it means so many miles are junk.


I also blame strava for making me want to beat segment PBs all the time


Def take a few days off if this is the case. You’re not getting the recovery you should be if you’re going too fast in slower runs and on a 5-6 day a week plan.


Anyone doing the Leeds half in May btw, seems the perfect time after the marathon to get fresh for it


Yeah, more rest than you think you need. Rest until you think you feel better and then double it.


Ok, cheers.

So my half marathon is on April 30th, I did 18km a fortnight ago, if realistically I need to give myself a good fortnight off I’m gonna be struggling to get any sort of distance in between now and the race aren’t I :disappointed:


I do exactly this - all my runs are way too fast and I get overtired and feel sick…