A New Running Thread for 2017


18km is so very nearly a half - you won’t notice those last 3 kms adding all that much I don’t reckon - race day atmosphere, running in a crowd, etc. - you’ll be fine!


It’s just fucking boring running at a comfortable pace for an hour and a half innit. Like I know it’s the sensible thing to do and I plan runs with that in mind, but it’s funner to run your legs off and make yourself vom in a bush


Aye, I wasn’t planning on doing any more than that but was hoping to at least repeat it once before race day.

Will just see how I go I guess, was hoping for a 1:50 or so for this year but might have to adjust that a bit and aim for somewhere near that for Ealing instead.


you never know, if you’ve been training up to 18km already then a decent spot of rest might have you feeling mega fresh come the end of april and you’ll smash it.


Hopefully, the worry I have is that I think I ran the 18k without being ready for it (hence the fact I’m struggling now) so lightning won’t strike twice or something, we shall see.


not sure about the vomming in a bush but it is more tedious running well within your limitations… for me it’s as much about when i run - often before work, which means i want to be home and showering and drinking coffee sooner rather than later.


Turns out I’ve got peroneal tendonitis. Week off and ice, dodged a bullet


Sounds rubbish, whatever it is. Rest up and feel better soon! A bit of forced time off can actually do wonders for your form, I’ve found, even if it feels a bit shit at the time.


Just the tendon that runs from your little toe round the outside of your ankle. I can still ride on it so might go for a day on the bike to keep the fitness up this weekend


You’ve probably already googled it, but this has some exercises that should help:


finally got confirmation of a physio appointment tomorrow after work so obviously my ankle felt fine for the first time in ages tonight. Still gunna go to make sure I’m doing the right things, and got a green light today in a consultation phone call to be able to run on it without risking major damage. So all looking positive again.




New shoes (back to Brooks Adrenaline - never should have left them)

And I also came home to find this on the doormat:

Not long now…


Running shoes twins ^5


2E in 10.5?


Alright not quite identical…12. (2E?)


2E is the wider version.


Ah I see…no. Had mine since Christmas, not sure if the change of shoe is to blame for my calf trouble, I’d done a few hundred kms before hand so probably not, reckon I’m looking for an excuse that means I don’t accept I’m an old bastard.


how far are you going to break them in before your marathon effort?
i’ve got some new daps that i’ve been wearing around the house to make sure they fit (also a 10.5 2E actually) - don’t want to lose that new shoe springiness before the hackney half but also don’t want to be breaking them in during the race.


I want to have done about 100km in them.

So, that’ll be a couple of shorter runs next week, my last long run next weekend and my taper.