A New Running Thread for 2017


sounds about right. good luck!


What’s a good time for a 5k?
My friend runs 5k in around 17mins but he’s a very good runner so sort of skews my idea of what to aim for.
I was going to go for an easy run this morning but slept well, ate a lot last night, etc. so decided to run a bit harder. Ran around 20mins but that’s after a decent-length run yesterday. That good? What should I be aiming for?


It’s all relative. I would be hard pushed to run below 22 minutes these days, but below 25 minutes is still pretty good. A couple of the guys on here would be able to do below 20 minutes.

Take a look at the times for your local Park Run - that’ll give you an idea of the kind of spread of times amongst regular runners.


Good idea! Dunno why I didn’t think of that. Thanks :smiley:


I consider myself an OK runner and would run 5km in around 21 minutes. 17 is very good. Your time, after running yesterday, sounds good to me. (Depends on your age a bit, though).


I really want to get into running. But it wont happen if I don’t like it. Is there a way to like running?


Listen to music, run somewhere as pleasant and uncrowded as possible


Today was the hottest day I’ve been for a run on since summer last year and I accidentally did my first km in just over 4 minutes, presumably out of a dog-like excitement for good weather; usually over the winter I average about 5-5:30/km, nice and gentle. Needless to say I felt like I was going to have a heart attack.


Find a park with lots of dogs, run there. It works for me!


London people ( @marckee )

Staying at tower Bridge for a couple of nights. What’s the best park to run to and around from there? Hyde? Victoria?


Depending how far you wanna go get yourself down my ends for Greenwich and Blackheath innit

(Tbf, Hyde Park is probs better, never run there though)


Southwark Park. Or run along Victoria Embankment (don’t run on the south bank)


Are you wanting to run from where you’re staying, or catch a tube/bus there? Will you be running in daylight or when it’s dark (some parks shut at dusk and some paths are not lit)?

I’d avoid the South Bank as it can be really busy with tourists, but you can run along Embankment to Parliament Square, then turn right and you’re at St James’s Park. A loop of that will get you to Green Park, and a loop of that will get you to Hyde Park and Kensington Gardens.

An alternative would be to run in the opposite direction to Limehouse Basin, up Regents Canal to Victoria Park. From there you can do a loop of Victoria Park and if you want, cut via Hackney Wick across to the River Lea Navigation by the Olympic Park. You can do a quick loop of that or head up the towpath to Coppermill Lane and back down through the nature reserve (you can see where this loop goes on Strava on the long run I did at the weekend).


Finish work at half 5 then got to get to the hotel, check in and change before running so most of it will be in the dark. Will have a look at both ta


If it’s dark, then Victoria Park and Southwark Park close at about 6.30pm and the nature reserve is unlit, so I’d avoid them.


right, probs do Green Park/Hyde Park then


Oh yeah, been locked in Victoria Park a few times after playing cricket. Stupid closing at sunset rule.


I find that the little electrical cabinets are good for standing on to get over the fence.

Having said that, I’m amazed that more people don’t get speared while hopping over.


fuuuuuuuuck it’s all getting a bit real mates.

Good luck @imipolex


Yeah, good luck man! Looks like the weather’s going to be perfect for it.