A New Running Thread for 2017


Just did a 10k, shins were fine, knee started to go a bit at the end, gonna be really touch and go for the Hackney Half I think…


3:28:36 ladsladslads


Christ! Nice one pal, unbelievable going!


Incredible work!

I did 3:36:52. Pretty pleased as it knocks 8 mins off last year’s time. Messed up my pacing though and struggled in the last few


Great time—hope you’re proud of yourself/drunk


Well played, superb!


Nice. I think I saw you around mile 18 and tried to get a look at your name on your number without looking like a freak, but failed


Just looked at Strava Flyby and it doesn’t looked like we passed each other.

Lucky escape - last thing you want to do is start yelling “drownedinsound dot com” to strangers at mile 18 of a marathon :wink:


Marathons are touch move your fucking shits!


I have had a cloud water v 13 and a mikkeller mosaic. On my way back to sheffield to smash the equally nice beers I bought in preparation yesterday and get a Chinese and watch match of the day (I’m not driving )

Good day for aggers


Sounds about right. After Brighton marathon next weekend I plan to have my first triple (veggie) burger w/ peanut butter + chilli from this local burger chain Grubbs. Think it’ll be harder than the run.


Just got beers in and ordered a massive Indian takeaway. Feel like it’s been earned!


sounds powerful. Have a good’un, how are you feeling for it, looks like your training’s been mint


Fantastic effort lads, well done :slight_smile:




Feeling good thanks—had a cold for the last week or so but pretty sure it’s waning. I think I just have to trust that I’ve done enough training and not fret about the run, really.


aye, seems like most people come down with maranoia, every runny nose feels like an event ruiner innit


Oh @marckee and @Antpocalypsenow thanks for the donations pals. And thanks generally everyone ITT for all the advice/motivation/strava kudos

Fantastic B of Ls


Excellent stuff @Aggpass and @imipolex! And good luck for this weekend @brainfeeder!

It was my final long training run before I start my taper ahead of the London marathon. Nice and slow meant that it all felt comfortable for the first 33km and then it went a bit wobbly for the last 3km. Having done two 30km+ runs in 8 days, I’ve settled on a sub-4 target now, and hopefully the taper, carb-loading and atmosphere will carry me through.


That sounds like a great plan. Looking at your time, a sub-4 is easily within your grasp. Just enjoy eating lots of pasta for a while now.