A New Running Thread for 2017


Sure you’ll go sub-4 based on your training. That 36km run will be a big confidence boost on the day! The excitement and atmosphere will be enough to get you through those few extra miles.


alright fellow runners,

i’ve been trying hard of late to trim my time running 5k, anyway i started getting a bit of a headache last night, like a short headache for 20 seconds then it would disappear and then a coiuple of mins would pass and it would come back. the tv reckons this is perhaps dehydration, what do you think, does this happen to anyone else?!

bit of background, it’s not been too long that i’ve been back running and and still pretty unfit.


dehydration sounds plausible, yes.


so i should probably drink more water then


Definitely. And so should I come to mention it. Give it a go for a week or so and see if it’s helping or not.


will do :+1:


Alright guys,

Been running for a few years, never super seriously but I do enjoy it a lot. Done a couple of half marathons, best time 1:57.

Question is… how do I get better at running? My best 5k time is 24 mins, my best 10k is 52, but my averages of both are closer to 27/55. Nowhere near all you lot of course but I’d like to push those a bit.

I must admit I’m not pushing myself massively to break those times at the moment but it’d be good to set a goal perhaps.

So intervals? Park Run? Get some proper training? Lose weight? All of the above?


There are lots of potential training methods and things all of which have their pros and cons but the common demoninator and the most important thing is to run more and run regularly, and the best way to do that is to find a running thing that you enjoy, whether that’s long runs by yourself, parkruns against the clock or whatever. for me what really helped was signing up for an event that was pretty distant in the future, then just working towards that. Also strava and the DiS strava group have been really good for the instant gratification side of things which kinda gets you hooked.


I ran home last night, with a rucksack, and decided to see if I can run at my target marathon pace (5.25-5.35/km) with my heart-rate below 155bpm.

And I can! The rucksack usually adds about 10sec/km to my average time too, so I think things are shaping up okay.


^this, plus I’d also say that you need to vary the type of runs and the pace at which you do them, rather than just running in the same way every time.

When you’ve done your half marathons, have you followed a training plan, or just run progressively further, at the same pace?

In a training plan, a typical week is usually built around:
One long slow run (so that you can easily maintain a conversation)
One tempo run (comfortably hard, but not more than 40 minutes, ish)
One interval session (pushing yourself hard)

with recovery runs, cycles or swims (very, very slow) on a couple of the days in between.


Hey folks, this threads been brilliant for tips so cheers. I’ve got my first half coming up in August and have done a couple 10ks before. Currently run 5-6k 4 or 5 times a week and plan to move onto my 12 week training plan soon. The one I plan on following has one easy run, one tempo run and one long slow run a week, with the length/distance increasing week on week before tapering off towards race day.

Does this sound similar to what others follow? I worry that I should maybe be also doing some interval training? And if so does anyone have any good suggestions of what type of interval training to do?


I’ve used the Lucozade training plans for half-marathons. They’re progressive, not too complicated and are varied enough to keep it interesting.

Most plans will include for an interval session somewhere in the week (alongside a long slow run, tempo run and recovery runs), but if you’re just looking to complete the distance and aren’t really going for speed, they’re not as critical as the other run types.



Hm. that link doesn’t seem to work. Hang on.


Try this:


brilliant thanks for this, looks good. As its my first half completing the distance is top priority and would like to get under 2hrs if possible but that will be a bonus.

Could playing 5’s be considered an interval session?


I treated it as such, yes.


My tip from doing my first one is to make sure you do some of your long runs on hot days if possible, I was well on course for a sub-2hr finish and then it was unseasonably hot on the race day and it absolutely killed me. If yours is in August it’s less likely to catch you out but deffo worth bearing in mind.


as well as Marckee’s sage advice, I think a lot depends on things like age/build/general fitness/any history of chronic knee/ankle issues. I reckon your original 3 run plan is a good starting point, then just build on that with whatever your body feels comfortable with, whether that’s intervals, 5s, swimming/cycling or whatever


Oh yeah, Hackney last year was not great.

I think an August race will be fine though - plenty of time to acclimatise.


Absolutely dreading a repeat this year tbh

(Dreading it in general frankly, preparation has been a complete shambles one way or another)