A New Running Thread for 2017


Wiggle, Chainreaction, Sports Direct (if you are happy to condone modern slavery), loads of places.




My knee seems properly fucked, the Hackney Half in three weeks is looking pretty impossible at the minute, just had an attempt at 15k and it properly conked out after 13, pretty down about it frankly :disappointed:


I feel your pain. Probably gonna have to sack off the Hereford Half next month.


That's bad news, I'm sorry man—still, better to defer it than to force through and hurt yourself


Brighton marathon today—'gun time' of 3:40:something but a chip time of 3:30:15.
Pretty happy with that for a first marathon :blush:


Saw that on Strava, great result. Well done you :slight_smile:


Great work! Did you manage to tackle your massive veggie burger as well?


No! Town was too busy to navigate so got a burrito and some beers and ate in a park. Was still an excellent choice I think. The triple can wait until the next London -> Brighton cycle, maybe.


Awesome work!

I like how you've titled it simply, 'Morning Run' on Strava.


That's just how it comes up! I couldn't be bothered to type anything straight after...


that's a solid effort! how is brighton marathon? had an email about entries for next year and am tempted.


My girlfriend did it last year. It's pretty hilly at the start, and then a bit bleak as it goes out to the power station where there are no crowds, and you can see exactly how far you have to run, but the support at the finish is amazing.

Going to cheer her on there was the big motivator for me wanting to step up to the distance.


Apparently there is now an Entertainment/Cheer Point at the power station:



There was last year:


I take it it wasn't very entertaining or cheery then? Someone needs to be sacked.


Not really, no.

The good thing about the route is that it is pretty easy to see someone multiple times, with just a little walking. I think I managed to cheer on my girlfriend at five different locations on the route.


knowing how much of a boost seeing someone you know can be when the going gets tough, that's actually a big plus.
i was mortified at the hackney half last year when my wife told me her and my son had seen me earlier in the course than i'd expected - my son ran alongside about 100m shouting at me but i was totally oblivious....


Yeah, I've got a few friends and family who have said that they'll be cheering me on in the marathon, and I've had to ask them to tell me where they will be standing, to within a hundred yards, and on what side of the road, as I have a tendency to daydream and go into a bit of tunnel vision when I run.


I thought I'd run past my GF and dad at the manchester marathon at a couple of points, but it turned out I'd just beaten them to each spot by a couple of minutes