A New Running Thread for 2017


Oh, that reminds me about the other thing that’s very good about the Brighton Marathon: the spectator app.

So much better than the London Marathon one, not least because it doesn’t fall over every time you try and check a runner’s position.


I used to have a chaffing issue too…but I use medicated talc which seems to soothe and stop further chaffing.
It’s cheap in boots!


It’s not his boots that are causing the chafing…



Tbh it’s easy to miss people even when you’re looking out for them, particularly in busier parts of the course.


It was great—lovely atmosphere and a weird and varied course. I wouldn’t run it again I don’t think, but purely because I’m overly familiar with the route from training etc.

If you’d like to do a marathon, I can’t see why Brighton wouldn’t be a good choice.


These two blog posts are fascinating, if you’re a BIG DATA nerd, like me:


this is amazing. I loves a nice line graph.

“However, those in the 2-3 hour finish time band only run on average between 4 and 5 days a week. This might sound like a lot, but it is less than most training programs suggest, most recommend one rest day ever other week.” - really??


For a 2-3 hour time, I think they do. Many recommend no rest days at all.


Yeah, 6 days a week is standard for a 3 hour plan. For sub 2:45, then you’re into the realms of 2 runs a day.


for sub 2:45 you’re in the realms of get the fuck outta here.


Big fan of this:

Might map out a route to draw a nob on my next run.


*vom *



Oh, somebody’s already done it:


Off to the expo this evening to pick up my final running pack.

Getting a bit nervous now!


Did I see on Strava you’d picked up an injury or something or have I imagined that?


Enjoy. It’s a bit intimidating first time you go, but take the time to browse the stalls for any decent offers on kit you might want post marathon and stop off at your charity stall to say hi if you’re running for one of the big ones.


ran my fastest 5k since i started back running last night at 25:40, pretty chuffed with myself. Gonna aim for 25:30 by the end of the week.


On twitter, yeah.

My ITB flared up for the first time ever in the last mile on my easy run home from work last week. I couldn’t really walk on Friday as a result. It seems to be okay now, having rested, iced and rolled a lot over the weekend.

It’s a bit frustrating. I’ve done all my training and am in my taper, and now it comes on.