A New Running Thread for 2017


That’s a complete shitter, fingers crossed it’s all healed up now.

Probs gonna head out to do some cheering on on Sunday so I’ll look out for you around Deptford, good luck!


good stuff lo-pan! sounds like you and I are at similar levels of fitness. you planning on doing any races or anything, or just sticking with what you’re at?


Gunna get back to the parkrun for the first time in ages this week. Hopefully post-marathon fresh legs will get me under 20 minutes for the first time


think i will sign up for some races later in the year but right now just concentrating on getting my fitness levels up.
what about yourself?


Get on your local parkrun Lopes. Free, you get a time, good feeling of noticing yourself progress over the weeks, and it’s a good way of forcing yourself out of the house on a saturday morning


What the hell makes you think I wanna be out ma scratcher early sat morn?! :wink:
I have been thinking about this right enough but gonna leave for the time being and maybe take it up in the summer


It’s mint for getting back as the TV’s waking up and being smug as fuck that you’ve already bashed a 5k out


ah nice one! I’m signed up to do a 10k in May the weekend of the Edinburgh marathon. I reckon I might try do a few that distance for a while and see how I get on!




Woahhh did not know this thread existed - brilliant! Currently training for the Stirling marathon, which will be my first marathon.

Has anyone used the mapmyrun training plan? I downloaded it and have been using it since Feb (run is on May 21), but not sure if I am overdoing it. It’s weirdly based on time rather than distance and is telling me to do a 3hr run this weekend… but I did a 2.5hr run last weekend and got through 21 miles so not sure if that’ll be too much for a first timer?


you should take care to not run everything at full pace. from your 21 mile time sounds like you could be on track for a really good time in the marathon though, keep up the good work (and don’t overdo it)


As Aggpass says, your long runs should be at a slow pace (at least a minute a mile slower than your intended race pace).

As to whether the training plan is too intensive, well, it depends on what time you are aiming for. Most training plans will not take you above 22 miles, on the assumption that your base, your taper, carb-loading and adrenaline will carry you through the extra miles.


As others have said, 21 miles is fine. The general rule of thumb is 20-22 miles or 3 hours should be your longest runs, whichever comes first.

Also as they said, take care of your pace… if you don’t think you’re in the shape to go significantly under 3 hours then you’re probably not recovering from your long runs.


Thanks for this guys! A minute a mile slower sounds more than I had in mind previously so glad I know that now.

I’ll aim for one last run of 22/21 miles and then taper after that. Someone said above that 5 runs a week is a lot for a taper, should I take it easier than that?

On another note - anyone got any good long running tune recommendations? Getting a bit tired of 45:33 on repeat…


I usually did a 3 week taper roughly 80% / 55% / 25% of peak weekly mileage, with workouts dropping throughout that (first week was pretty much every session but shorter, second week I dropped a couple and of sessions, in particular my second speed one, and the last week was just out a couple of times to turn over the legs.


Your marathon training plan should include for a taper appropriate to the amount of training you have been doing in the previous weeks (which is a function of what time you are aiming for).

The usual rule of thumb is to reduce mileage by about 20-30% per week, over three weeks, and reduce the intensity (so no intervals, more easy runs etc). I’d be surprised at a taper that included more than three runs in the last week though.


I’m nowhere near fit or sexy enough to be in this thread but I would like to tell you that I’ve just been for a run and feel great!


my plan had 5 runs during my taper but I had a bit of an ankle niggle so I missed quite a few.

Think the advice my physio gave me is pretty good, which is that you’re not going to do anything to substantially improve during the last 3 weeks, but you might do something that makes you slower. Take it easy, cut down the speed/number/distance of your runs, get a bit of energy back into your legs and ignore the plan if your body’s telling you it needs rest.


No need to be sexy or fit in here Bamners. Just a willingness to get out on your feet every so often is all :slight_smile:


Cool thanks, that’s good advice to keep in mind.

I am not at the three week mark yet so I’ll keep going as is (but not going to go over the 22 mile mark as I am worried about hurting myself) and then taper as you’ve all suggested. Thanks again!