A New Running Thread for 2017


Good luck, I did 23 miles as my longest but yeah anything over 20 should be fine. Seems like you’re smashing it, join the strava group so we can all get jealous


Everyone in this thread is fit or sexy, simply by posting in here.


must be where I’ve been going wrong!"


Thanks! We’ll see how it goes on the day… Just looked up Strava, seems good. I’ll join the group and then you can all see my horrible pacing


Urgh, is it just impossible to booze whilst training? Had 3 beers at an event last night and feel like absolute death today.

I’ve joined yer Strava group finally, thanks for the invite, will download the app once I free up some room on my phone. Good luck to anyone running this weekend!


good luck @marckee and any other london marathon people


Thank you! I made it around. Not quite the time I was hoping for, but my knee blew up again around 14miles in. A few miles of walking and a patch up job by the physios did enough to carry me through to the end.

Definitely won’t be running the Hackney Half next weekend.


Well played mate, ridiculously good effort to get round with an injury at that stage. Unbelievable.


Also, I have yet to run a half/marathon that hasn’t been run in blazing sunshine. I should start a wedding date planning service.


I’m not sure who that Anonymous donor is, but thank you!


Nice work getting through it, man! Hope the knee heals up quickly :pray:


Great work marathon people! fair play to you Marckee for posting a time like that with an injury, must have been a long 12 miles.


Who’s doing the Hackney Half then?

I’ve decided to just turn up and give it a crack with a knee support on, hopefully adrenaline gives enough of a boost for my knee to hold up round it and then I’ll give it a good, proper rest before starting prep for Ealing in September


will be 4th time around for me.
good luck with the knee, i guess that gives you an opportunity to soak up the atmosphere and not worry about trying for a PB or anything, which is actually pretty great when you think about it.
weather is looking good for running, which makes a change for hackney.


Cheers! Yeah, looks like it’ll be overcast and mild, I’ll take that all day long compared to last year! Still half-hoping to break 2hrs this time around given how much the heat affected me last year but I can’t see it happening.


Thought I might be getting back on track for a half in three weeks time until I went for a walk with the TV and she had to go home to get the car so I could get back.


Oh boy :disappointed:


Fell better soon, chadders! :muscle:


Cheers. Gonna see how it feels tonight, ice it up and then make a decision on the weekend about the half.


Got my first physio appointment tomorrow morning. My knee hasn’t gone down since the marathon, which is a little worrying, but hopefully they’ll be able to tell me what I need to do to stop it coming back.

Good luck in the Hackney Half to everyone who’s running it on Sunday!