A New Running Thread for 2017


Reckon you could probably do a 1:35 pretty “comfortably” if you can run a 10k at that pace.


need to work my distance back up but yeah should be doable. 20 minute parkrun needs ticking off the list too


Next weekend?

4:30mins is under 1:35.

I did 15.7km today. Tried to run any flat(ish) bits at my goal marathon pace. Felt alright. Ended up averaging 4:35kms.

Much like @ellipsis84 though, I don’t think shelling a load of beer in me on Friday and then having an entire Domino’s yesterday was great prep.

Im done for having fun for the next two weeks till the race. Eating, sleeping properly my main goals over the next fortnight. So if @Aggpass could refrain from inviting me to the pub that would be grand.


in London for Fulham-QPR next weekend, probably the weekend after but that’s a week before your marathon so understandable if you don’t fancy it or just wanna jog round


Not pleasant when that happens. Had it a couple of times in the past. Take care of yourself tonight.


Marathon is the 8th October! So that’s the day before. I might jog round and pace you :smirk:


Great work…you’re already around 1:37 or so for the half aren’t you? (I remember there’s a few here who ran sub 1:40 all at the same time).


1:38 (but that was during marathon training so on slightly achey legs)


Nice, sounds like 1:35 when you’re training for it should definitely be on.


I’m still injured but I did some very light jogging and walked one of our regular running loops (8km trail) without problems so I think I might be ready to start coming back. Feels bad not running; went out to a half to cheer on a few mates but wished I’d been there myself.


Got the Glasgow half on Sunday, been a bit all over the place and not training, so not sure I’ll hit my pb (1:26 in 2015) but we’ll see how it goes… (amusingly my dad and I both missed the cut off to sign up and had to take chips from others; so I’ll be running as Alexandra and he’ll be Loraine.)


Premium Strava users: Do you understand the fitness and freshness thing? I’ve only noticed it about a week ago. I’ve done a bit of basic research and I found something that said the most effective training happens when your form (difference between fitness and fatigue) is between -10 and -30 but that could’ve been somebody just making that up.


I’ve barely looked into what I can actually do with Strava Premium. Pretty much bought it so I can do live segments on my bike GPS unit.

Think it will come in handy if I start seriously training for stuff.

Nees to get into the habit of wearing my HRM when I’m running but it just feels a bit uncomfortable.


Not on PremiumBook, mate.


You should be, you’ll wonder how you ever lived without it (I’ve completely forgotten why I signed up to PremiumBook)


Going by your post, I assume that this is one of the things you’ve read?


I hadn’t seen that one before but it’s interesting it also says -30 to -10 is the optimal training zone so it looks like it’s not totally made up.


That figure looks like it’s come from stavistix. No idea where they got their numbers from though


With that 10km pace you should definitely be comfortable at a 1:35 half marathon i reckon, make sure you get a decent rest beforehand and you’ll be well away.

My next target for before the end of the year is a sub-40 minute 10km, have seen a few done on the strava group but haven’t ever focused specifically on that. will have to choose the course wisely to avoid too many traffic lights, buggies and hills.


Are there no closed road ones you could do? Knocked a minute off my old 10k pb (which was when I was probably in better running shape) and I reckon it was largely to do with not having any stops and not having to carry any water, keys etc.